Busua Beach

          Busua beach is situated in the city of Busua which is located in the coastal planes of Ghana. Some of the top attraction that the city offers are           The top quality sea foods that the hotels and restaurants in Busua offers is mouth watering and extremely delicious. There […]

Ada foah beach

          Ada foah Beach is located in the eastern part of the district, Greater Accra in the southern east of Ghana. Ada Foah is the district capital and is rich in beaches and river estuary. The place is rich in coconut trees with one coconut tree stretch with distance more than km and […]

Elmina Beach

          Elmina Beach is situated in the coastal plains and is regarded as one of the most exotic place in Ghana. The place is very rich in gold mines and hence the name Elmina was derived from it. Other interesting facts about Elmina includes           Elmina beaches ranks top among […]

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