Eleko Beach

          A life full of haste and hurry demands for a vacation and if you are an outdoorsy always in look out for new places, a Nigeria vacation trip is sure to intrigue you given the handful of stunning beaches the country is decorated with. In Lagos, Nigeria, beaches lined along […]

Lekki Beach

          Lagos, the overpopulated city of Nigeria houses some of the most exotic beaches in the country. If you are planning a beach vacation¬†shortly, the blue lagoons along the long coastline are more than a ideal vacation site for you. The Lekki is a famous beach in Lagos, Nigeria attracting visitors, […]

Tarwa Beach

          A waterfront describing marveland stunningness amidst a backdrop of greenery is what the beaches in Lagos, Nigeria speak of. The noisy and heavily populated former capital of Nigeria, Lagos, disbelievingly has some of the most wonderful beaches in the country to let you dip your toes deep into the salt […]

Coconut Beach

          A contemporary world and a busy schedule are quite complementary. The result of such haste and hurry may be sweet and sour but a tired mind craving for a vacation is an outcome for sure. Those of you surrounded by the exotica of beaches may have no or a faint […]

Calabar Beach

        Nigeria, housing a handful of top beach vacation spots running along the bay with a stunning back drop of greenery and the blue lagoons, is undoubtedly an exquisite place to jerk off those weariness masking your enthusiasm. The Calabar located at the mouth of the 2 miles long new Calabar river […]

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