Eleko Beach

Eleko Beach destination






A life full of haste and hurry demands for a vacation and if you are an outdoorsy always in look out for new places, a Nigeria vacation trip is sure to intrigue you given the handful of stunning beaches the country is decorated with. In Lagos, Nigeria, beaches lined along the white sand coastline are sure to give you an unparalleled experience and indulge your senses into the magnificent aura.

Eleko Beach destination






The Eleko beach, Lagos, Nigeria, is an unearthly vacation spot and specially for the one who are adventure freaks. The water sports and the scenic beauty complement each other to the ultimate here and certainly has proved itself to be the best beach in Lagos.

The city is mostly crowded and drowned in hues and cries. The beaches in Lagos, Nigeria are quite a relief for the folks here who have a lively escapade to the wilderness to jerk away their fatigue. Contrary to the main town, the beaches here are embodiment of calmness and serenity that engulfs your worries and inspires you to view life in an altogether different angle.

The beach is a 60 km drive from the main city where you can hire a hut for yourself to gather those enlightening memories you would cherish for a lifetime. You can always find someone here who would make a barbeque for you. The local stores here are a storehouse of the rich culture of the country where you can shop your way to surf through the salty lagoons.