Coconut Beach

Coconut Beach destination






A contemporary world and a busy schedule are quite complementary. The result of such haste and hurry may be sweet and sour but a tired mind craving for a vacation is an outcome for sure. Those of you surrounded by the exotica of beaches may have no or a faint idea about the nature’s gift to the African country of Nigeria which is bestowed with a lineage of beaches and presents an aura that of God’s own state. Coconut beach is one of the best beaches in Nigeria, and the country takes pride in its bountiness.

Coconut Beach destination






Located in the coastal town of Badagry, which was once a spot for slave trade, presently attracts tourists to have a treat of the breathtaking scenario of the place surrounded by coconut trees. A nature’s blessing, through the Coconut Nigeria presents its visitors a means to relax and fight the blues. The Coconut Bay beach and spa, St. Lucia beach resort houses are apt for the tired minds to get unwounded after a harsh exposure to life.

The tropical sun and the unearthly ambience is sure to breath life into your withering souland make you bask under a new sun altogether. A small island adjacent to the town of Badagry,the Coconut Village is but a wonderful instance of the rich heritage of the country living amidst the rustics.

The beach resorts act as resonance to the air ofluxury and peace surrounding the zone. The Coconut Bay St. Lucia reviews boast of the extravaganza and the mesmerizations the visitors here experience and cast off the weariness for the ocean bed to absorb.