Most Romantic Places in Paraguay

Paraguay is not as famous as the other South American Counterparts, but it has its own lazy charm. Its dreamy beaches, gleaming golden dunes, breathtaking waterfalls, and lush biodiversity makes it stands out from the crowd. If you are the kind who enjoys going into the wild, this is the perfect place for you. Here, I have put together a small list of the Most Romantic Places in Paraguay for you. Shall we start the trip to this dreamy land?

Koi and Chorori Hills

Most Romantic Places in Paraguay

This is one of the most beautiful places to see in Paraguay. These hills are at the northwest of Lake Ypacaraí. These hills are connected to Ybytypanemá summits and the entire area of about 5 hectares is protected. Some 40 million years ago, due to strong magmatic events, columnar sandstones were formed on these mountains. These kinds of geological structures are only found in three other places- South Africa, Canada, and Egypt. And that’s why in 1993, for their unique geology, Koi and Chorori hills were declared as the heritage site. The honeycomb-like structure of the entire area is breathtaking and unique. And the lake only adds to the beauty of the polygonally shaped sandstones.

Iguazu Falls

Most Romantic Places in Paraguay

If you want to know some of the fun facts about Paraguay, the best way is to visit the Iguazu falls in Paraguay. It is situated at the Border of Brazil and Argentina. Extended to 2.7 km, it houses over 275 individual waterfalls ranging from 196 ft to 270 ft height. In 1984, UNESCO declared it as the World Heritage Site. It is definitely one of the most romantic places in Paraguay.

It is the part of both the Iguacu National Park of Argentina and Iguazu National park of Brazil. It is easy to cross over the fall from one side to another. If you want to see the waterfalls up close, visit the Argentina side. The Brazil side gives you the access to good vantage points for enjoying the panorama.

La Costanera

Most Romantic Places in Paraguay

Meandering along the Paraguay River, La Costanera is a wide seafront. You can often see locals strolling here enjoying the cold-brewed yerba mate called tereré. In 2013, it was redeveloped and since then it has occupied a spot among the best places for couples in Asuncion.

If you want to indulge in some activity, you can go on a boat ride or rent a bike, boar or rollerblades from the vendors on the riverside. It is the best place for spending an afternoon and watching the sunset.

Nacunday Falls

Most Romantic Places in Paraguay

These falls are one of the most recommended Paraguay attractions. The Ñacunday Falls are the Niagra of Paraguay and are located at the distance of 900 meters from the Paraná river. The fall has a single 400 meters long stream that flows down over a huge basalt step, displaying the raw power.

This fall is the part of the Ñacunday National Park which is famous for its rich flora and fauna. Here you can see river otters dancing as they dive in the search of exotic sea fishes. You can count this fall among the best places to visit in South America.

Ojo de Mar- Eye of the Sea

Most Romantic Places in Paraguay

There are many mysterious and interesting facts about Paraguay. And Eye of the sea is one of them. It is a mysterious natural lake in Paraguay which is situated a little over 50 kilometers from the Bella Vista city. What makes it one of the most romantic places in Paraguay is its turquoise crystal-clear water along with the beautiful and lavish sub-tropical vegetation.

Putting it in simple words, it is the paradise on Earth. The origin of this lake is not known but the geologists are guessing that it must have come into the existence more than 250 million years BC. It won’t be wrong if I say it is one of the best honeymoon destinations in Paraguay. Take a plunge into the beautiful water of this lake and swim along the different varieties of fishes.

Tree Tunnel, Santa Rita

Most Romantic Places in Paraguay

Tree tunnel is a mystic and one of the major tourist attractions in Paraguay. This tunnel is made of tall trees, some of which bears beautiful flowers. You can say that it is among the couple only places in Paraguay. Why do I say that? Well, because this beautiful 400 meters stretch is not only beautiful but is also very enchanting and insanely romantic.

This tunnel reminds you of the romantic poets. You can smell love in the air with the stillness that settles around you. You can cross it by car or on foot, either way, you can feel the deep love and romance that floats in the air of this tunnel.

Kururu Kua

Most Romantic Places in Paraguay

There are many places to visit in Paraguay, but this one is different. It is yet another mysterious landscape that Paraguay holds. A group of explorers accidentally discovered this place in 2007 while they were traveling to Ojo de Mar and they named it a freak of nature. Because most of the aquatic caves around the world are built of limestones but this one is built of sandstone.

This cave is not just one of the most romantic places in Paraguay but is also considered the geological miracle. This cave is a magnificent network of tunnels and has been open for divers who are seeking some adventure. As far as the measurement is concerned, it is 300 meters wide and 100 meters deep. There is a blue lagoon around it which is fill of transparent water. In its pitch black abyss, there are 1000-years old fossils as well and there are some unique species that inhibits the cave and its surrounding environment. All in all, it presents a thrilling experience.

There are so many things to do in Paraguay for couples. It is a romantic place and is a good choice for honeymooners. Not just that, it also houses some of the greatest mysterious landscapes that hold the fascination of the visitors as well. So, if you are planning a trip to Paraguay, make sure you make it long enough to visit these beautiful spots.