Most Romantic Places of Romania

Romania is among the best places in Europe when it comes to love, romance and honeymoon. Couples looking for romance can find it in the Belgian cities with their beautiful architecture, interesting history and stunning monuments. The country of Romania with a lot of diversity and perfect combination of nature and witnessing man-made arts and architecture, offers plenty of sightseeing and activities to the love birds. The country is home to unique travel experiences for every type of demand and well suited for people looking for places for couples in Romania. With an intra-mix of history, art and scenic beauty, Romania has emerged out as a popular couple destination in the past few years. The country offers variety of places to be explored, an extravagant love serene all through the journey to cherish about the beauty of this city and make a memorable journey to be pondered in future.

Interesting Facts about Romania.

Romania has one of the happiest cemeteries on Earth.
Romanian is the only romance language in the Eastern Europe.
Romania is the first country in Europe to have Electric Street light.

Below are some of the most romantic places of Romania. 



Most Romantic Places of Romania

Transylvania is one of most romantic honeymoon destination in Romania. Even its name makes one to imagine a land of high mountains, deep forests and fast mountain rivers. From place to place, one will encounter old monasteries made out of wood and ancient castles that take you back in flashback time, and the best way to enjoy  it is to admire all those beauties with the one you love. The options for spending quality time together with your loved one are endless. Going for winter sport resorts and treatment resorts is a must when spending time with your lover. Trips to the Retezat National Park or romantic tours in the cities with medieval atmosphere are quite pleasing. The place is so captivating and tempting that it becomes difficult for the couples to resist themselves from going there.



The Romanian capital Bucharest has a special charm that somehow captivates the couples. This city never rests. Few of the places to visit while in Bucharest are

  • Romanian Art Museum

Most Romantic Places of Romania

Situated right on top of the Revolution Square the Romanian Art Museum holds a remarkable collection of Romanian art from the medieval times to the modern age. These art pieces symbolise love and romance. It’s a delight to watch them for the couples. These are eyes appealing museums where couple roam and create exciting moments

  • Herastrau Park

Most Romantic Places of Romania

Herastrau Park is located in the northern region of Bucharest, around the lake of the same name. It covers an area of approximately 1 sq. kilometer. It houses the quaint Village Museum. One can rent bikes at the park’s entrance and ponder upon the little boats which can also be rented by the lake. Driving these boats with your loved one would surely make this trip a memorable one.


Bigar Waterfall

Most Romantic Places of Romania

Bigar Waterfall situated in the Caras Severin County, Romania. Its located in the nature reserve in Anina Mountains, the amazing waterfall is indeed a unique one making it one of the most romantic places of Romania. The water falls down from a cliff, which is covered with moss and beautiful flowers. It is said to be the most beautiful waterfall in Romania. The waterfall undergoes streams from the cave situated above and then gradually falls into Minis River. It is voted the most unique waterfall in the world. This waterfall has found itself on countless lists of stunning places around the world and one of the most beautiful places in Romania. Couples enjoy here in the lap of nature and add memories to their trip. They spend quality time here enjoying in each other’s company.



Most Romantic Places of Romania

Viscri, a remote, small village, and one of the most famous tourist destinations of Romania. Nothing foretells the secluded beauty of Viscri .It’s like a fairy tale from the forgotten medieval times. Today, almost there is no travel book, brochure or advertise which would not present the image of this authentic in time town. Couples who visit here experience a never forgetting experience. Due to its beauty and secluded nature, Viscri added in our list of most romantic places in Romania.


Tunnel of Love

Most Romantic Places of Romania

The railway that connects Caransebesh with Boutzari (in the South-West of Romania, Caransebesh County) there lays one of the most romantic places in Romania, or maybe even in the world, that seems unrealistic and full of magic, “The Love Tunnel”. The unknown Romanian destination, an abandoned area full of trees which create a romantic green tunnel  and natural phenomena, sand sculptures and open air museums spread across the entire village. It’s a die for view .One can surely fall in love again while visiting this place. It’s also among the top 5 honeymoon destinations of Romania. A secret pathway designed to allure the lovers in a unique way.


Bucharest Nightlife

Most Romantic Places of Romania

The nightlife in Bucharest is one of the main attractions in the capital of Romania. Its famous in the entire world for the happy go lucky atmosphere. In Bucharest one can find many bars, pubs and clubs, booze at cheap rates and party hard. The diversity of clubs and music are a great tourist attraction. There are 2 main factors that make the nightclubs in Bucharest unique making you to go out: the people and the interior design. Bucharest nightclubs are very sophisticated and intimate. The people are very beautiful. In Bucharest you can find handsome men and beautiful women. The Bucharest people are very friendly and will respond to you when you are polite and friendly. Some of the best nightclubs are Goblin, Mojo Club; El Dictator situated in the old Bucharest lanes.



Most Romantic Places of Romania

Another major tourist as well as couple attraction is snowboarding and skiing in Romania. There are many academies that provide training for the same. The best resort in Romania for skiing is the Poina Brasov.


Lastly if one is a travel junky then Romania should be on top of their list because Romania has UNESCO World Heritage Sites like Churches of Moldova, Monastery of Horezu etc, which is a must to watch out for and Romania is Europe’s Richest country in gold. Couples can surely enjoy the place if you have planned your trip properly. Let us know if you have some more ideas about the most romantic places of Romania?