Most Romantic Places in Moldova

Say the word ‘romance’ in your head. What do you think about? Dinner by the Eiffel Tower? Lounging on a beach near Monaco? These places radiate romance, radiate this magical intimacy that can turn a moment with your significant other into a fond memory – and if the place is photogenic, it’s a memory you can find and touch. A place that you might not think about is Moldova. If you’re looking for a place to spend time with the person you love, you can visit some of the most romantic places in Moldova, and by extension, the world.

Moldova is a breathtaking land-locked country in Eastern Europe influenced by culture from all over Europe, from the Russians to the Turkish and the Romanians, and this culture causes there to be a breath of history across every road, and lead to there being stunning architecture born from the most ancient and intelligent cultures in Europe. Moldova is a pleasantly hilly region without any imposing peaks interrupting the scenic country. Moldova is a comfortable cool country, with immensely popular cities like Chişinău and Soroca drawing in thousand of tourists every year.

If you’re looking for an adventure, you can find it in honeymoon destinations in Moldova. There is always a litany of things you can do in Moldova, from wine tasting during a weekend getaway near Chişinău to exploring the nightlife in Moldova with its diverse populace, but undoubtedly the most romantic places in Moldova are also among the most beautiful places there. Some of the places you can explore your significant other while having an experience of a life time are:


Most Romantic Places in Moldova

The Capital City of Moldova! The city is the heart of soul of Moldova’s melting pot of culture and nuance, and its every corner holds something new for a tourist making it one of the top places to visit in Moldova for couples. A romantic place for couples can be found in the Ștefancel Mare Central Park, a large 7-hectare park with Wi-Fi provided by Orange.

The park is extremely scenic, with dozens of different varieties of tress that make every sector of the park feel different. The park has an abundant number of benches for you to sit and observe nature and enjoy the peace and calm. It is almost certainly one of the most romantic places in Moldova. The park tends to be most popular in the evening, but it’s perfect for an early morning stroll, being mostly empty earlier in the morning, allowing for romantic intimate moments with your loved one.

Similarly, in Chişinău, one could also visit the Rose Valley, a large park with stunning rose plantations and several restaurants and an amusement park to provide you an experience that can easily span two days of exploration. This is the perfect place for a quick weekend getaway near Chişinău.


Most Romantic Places in Moldova

If you’re looking to get away from the city then consider Cricova. It’s definitely an experience best shared. It is one of Europe’s largest wineries, and situated 15 km outside of Chişinău, so it’s best to make it an entire day’s trip. The winery is decked out wall-to-wall with different wines, allowing an entire day without a repeated taste. One needs to drive there, and it tends to packed so preemptive booking is advised, but once reached, wining and dining in Cricova, one of the most romantic places in Moldova, could be an experience for the palate and the soul.


Most Romantic Places in Moldova

Moldova has no lack of nature, despite its abundance of culture, is one knows where to look. In Cordi, one can find national parks, forests and the heart of the ecology of Moldova making it one of the amazing places to visit and see in Moldova. The Reserve Cordi, Moldova, is the heart of wildlife in Moldova, and when explored it can provide a much-needed break from the city life and is most definitely one of the most beautiful places in Moldova to visit.

Căpriana monastery

Most Romantic Places in Moldova

A scenic monastery 40 km north-west of Chișinău, it consists of three churches. The oldest of the three churches, The Church of the Dormition, is the oldest in Moldova. Again, this provides a pleasant escape from the city life, and due to the distance from the city, it should be planned well in advance. This also makes it an excellent weekend getaway for couples in Moldova. The architecture provides ample opportunities for stunning photographs, and really gives you a chance to explore the culture and history of Moldova with your significant other.


Most Romantic Places in Moldova

It is the second largest city in Molodva, after Chișinău, but it is not to be outdone by its sister city in any way and a preferred tourist destination in Moldova. The city boasts active places to explore such as the St. Nicolae Cathedral where one can explore the culture and beauty of the city, to the central market where you can breathe in the local produce and eat the freshly made food. Balti also boats an assortment of restaurants that serve as couple’s getaways, from Romanian Food at La Placinte to a more Mediterranean fair at Oliva, letting you enjoy a rich, romantic dinner with food from across Europe, cooked by the people who know it best. Truly, something only experienced in a place as diverse as Moldova.

Orheiul Vechi

Most Romantic Places in Moldova

Closing out our list is Orheiul Vechi, Moldova’s most important historical site and a place of immense beauty, best known for its Cave Monastery. Situated 50 km north of Chișinău, is this stronghold of culture. This place has been occupied by the Mongols and the Tatars, the Dacian tribes among others, and each has left this indelible mark on the place that makes it reek for history. Orheiul Vechi Exhibition Centre is a small museum like place nearby where one can observe local archaeological finds. The entire place is situated above a meandering river, allowing ambitious couples to observe a stunning view after a short 15-minute hike. The entire place takes at least half a day to explore but expect a day trip if you want to take things a little easy. This place will provide excellent fodder for memorable, scenic photographs and deemed one of the must see places in Moldova for couples. If you are planning for honeymoon in Moldova, this can be one of your top options.


In visiting the most romantic places in Moldova, Moldova’s best tourist attractions, one explores the most romantic scenic places on the planet, and for all couples, new and old this country is a breath of fresh air. The things to do in Moldova are endless, and in going there one experiences a sensory barrage with different foods, scents, nature and sounds, a cocktail of the senses that one might only ever find here.