River under the Sea- Fresh water inside an Ocean

What is the basic difference between sea and river? Lakes and Rivers are the sources of fresh water but, Ocean water is salty in nature which is unfit for drinking purpose. The rocks present on the land are the origin of salt for ocean which in turn is formed by rain and carbon dioxide present in the rocks. However, rivers and lakes are the major sources of fresh water consumed by us. Can we ever think of mixing salt water with fresh water and both remaining distinct? This is practically not possible. But, Nature has some aesthetic phenomena where we can just assume and cannot draw a conclusion. Yes, you’re guessing it right. There are rivers that exist under the sea and they don’t amalgamate.

Let’s take you to get a glance of the hidden underwater rivers

Black Sea

river under the sea

Black Sea is present between east Europe and west Asia. Many countries like Bulgaria, Turkey, Romania, and Russia is surrounded by the black sea. Discovery of a gigantic underwater river under the black sea has astounded people. It has its own territory with trees, fresh water filled with grotesque beauty. This underwater river is counted among the largest rivers in the world which is compared to River Thames and the Rhine. The images of the river under the sea are yet to be posted.

Image credit-Lifescience.com

Cenote Angelita- Mexico

river under the sea

This underwater river in Mexico was discovered by famous photographer Anatoly Beloshchin. During a photo shoot underwater ocean of Mexico, he discovered a region called as Halocline where salt water and fresh water meet. Over the time sinkhole gets created under the ocean which is filled with rain water to form fresh water region.

river under the sea

river under the sea

Amazing photo collection of Anatoly Beloshchin can be found on his website. This esoteric river inside the ocean is antic beauty and the pictures will give you a bird’s eye view of the place.

South west Australia

river under the sea

Recently Nasa has discovered a layer of fresh water river flowing through the ocean of south western Australia. The images show how massive the underwater river would be. It is said that evaporation during the summer and cooling down during the winter adds up to the formation of fresh water bodies in such warm waters.

Final words

There are various phenomena which are still untouched to us and that keeps changing. Nature has its own way of showing its hidden beauty and this is just a jumping off point for many more such underwater rivers. Earlier, creation of massive sinkholes under the Ocean which leads to storage of fresh water was revealed. Each of the listed underwater river creation is suggested with a different theory and there is no rhyme or reason for it.