Stockings islands

One of the major tourist attractions of the Bahamas groups of islands is the stockings island which is a small and elongated island that is located some way off the port of Georgetown and nearby great exuma islands, Bahamas. The exuma beaches are major tourist attractions that you can visit when you are planning your […]

Cabbage beach

A perfect holiday spot for every age group, family or alone, if you like water sports then cabbage beach in the Bahamas islands can be your great choice for going on a holiday. Cabbage beach Bahamas¬†is located in Bahamas near Nassau and it is accepted as one of the best beaches in Nassau. The beach […]

Cable beach

One of the major beaches of the Bahamas region, the cable beach Bahamas is one of the best places for tourists to visit. Bahamas is the exotic wonderland to every sea beach lovers and the cable beach is situated near Nassau Bahamas which is the capital city of Bahamas. An overview of the beach The […]

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