Durdle door beach

Many beaches around the world attract people by their expanding coastline, clear waters, water sports or even historical importance. Durdle Door beach on the Jurassic Coast in Dorset has another added attraction, geology. Jurassic Coast is famous for its natural deposits and formations dating back to the Mesozoic era, containing about a hundred and eighty […]

Bamburgh beach

Among the best beaches in the United Kingdom, the Bamburgh beach finds itself in the top three positions. And for two main reasons- the imposing Bamburgh Castle and the extensive sandy beach with sand dunes lining the beach at the back. A famous destination for nature-lovers, adventure-seekers and history buffs, this charming town has something […]

Barafundle Bay beach

Pembrokeshire is the ideal destination for all beach lovers, being the home to the best beach in Wales. Among the many things to do in Pembrokeshire, the Barafundle Bay beach features among the top of the list. Having the distinction of being the best beach in London, a title bestowed on it by numerous travel […]

Pointe du marin

If you are planning a trip to the major attractions in France and specifically in Martinique then one of those beaches that you just cannot afford to miss is the pointe marin or the pointe du marin beach. This is more of a sightseeing beach and one of the Martinique destinations which you can easily […]

Diamanté Beach

The le diamanté Martinique is the longest beach of the Martinique Island which is one of the major Martinique beaches and tourist attractions of France. The coastline is remarkable and notable particularly for the roughAtlantic sea. At the same time the calm and serenity of the region is awe inspiring too. An overview of the diamanté […]

Sardinia beach

Italy is not considered famous for its beaches. Food, wine, art, architecture attract tourists from all over the world all year round but beaches are often littered with people sunbathing on chairs and under umbrellas, only lazing around. Most of them stay at the high-end resorts with access to private beaches. However, not all beaches […]

Tuscany bay beach

Tuscany bay, Italy is generally visited for the pleasures of the country-side but it also has more than two hundred miles of coastline with numerous beaches. Portrayed in many movies and made famous in popular culture, Tuscany is a popular tourist destination for anyone wishing to explore the raw Italian country along with beach experience. […]

Amalfi Coast

Warm colours are the first thing you will notice once you catch the first glimpse of the Amalfi coast in the small town of Positano, Italy. Located on the southern coastline of the Sorrentine Peninsula, the Amalfi coast, Italy is a popular tourist beach destination and a great weekend stay away from the bustle of […]

Plage des Salines

When it comes to the sea and islands, the Guadeloupe beaches in France are some of the top beaches where you can go for a relaxing holiday. The butterfly shaped islands which are joined by a bridge over the Rivere Salee is actually archipelago of several smaller islands as well possessed by France. Some of […]

La Grande Terre

If you are planning a tour to France and the regions rich in French culture, then Guadeloupe islands are some of the top tourist regions that you should consider in your trip. As far as the official records go, the Guadeloupe islands is an archipelago possessed by the French and the region is a rich […]

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