Paje Beach

          For those who do not know about Paje Beach, it is a small village that is located on the eastern coasts of Zanzibar Island in Tanzania. Paje village in Tanzainia is a small village with a perimeter of just 5 km and can be easily explored and covered by walking on […]

Kendwa Beach

          For those who do not know about Kendwa beach and Kendwa village, the location of it is around 4 km from Nungwi. During a low tide time it is easy to walk from Nungwi to Kendwa but during a high tide time you would have to rely on boat trips as […]

Matemwe Beach

          Matemwe beaches are located in the village of Matemwe, Zanzibar. The Matemwe beach village is actually a small guest house like structure made in North eastern part of Tanzania. Some info about and activities to do in Matamwe beach village are         Matemwe beach village is a […]

Zanzibar Beach

          This article is especially dedicated for those who do not know where and what to do in Zanzibar beaches and island.Zanzibar beach is located in the island of Zanzibar and covered with shining beach sands and palm trees, around 20 minutes away from the Tanzanian capital place, Dar es Salaam. The […]

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