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Hurghada Beach

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Hurghada beach






Hurghada Beach is one of the top destination in Egypt and therefore there are varieties of attractions ranging from day trips and shopping to diving in Hurghada. The place is also excellent for the people who loves sea because the place is ideally located on the banks of the red sea. Therefore there are numerous number of beaches in Hurghada where you can try out diving to explore the amazing life of underwater sea creatures. For those are wondering what to do Hurghada you can make use of this article to get familiar with the fascinating city.

Hurghada beach






You can take day trips in Hurghada and make use of that opportunity to explore the sea, sand and also the breath taking view of the Pyramids.

  • As this is at the edge of the amazing sea, a lot of people prefer to do diving in Hurghada.The fascinating marine life and ecosystem that is at the bed off the red sea will surely be a magnet that will pull you to the holiday spot every year.
  • There is a place which is nearby Hurghada which is known as El Dahar. This place is the capital of all the shopping places in Egypt and has a wide variety of items that will surely attract all tourists.
  • After shopping at El Dahar there are plenty of cuisines and restaurants that offers a wide variety of foods and drinks that will get you familiarized with the real spice and flavours of Egyptian foods and beverages.
  • With the beaches, Hurghada Nightlife is really something that every tourists can look forward to. Once the sun sets down, the beach becomes lively with all the dance and songs that are provided by the nightclubs and pubs in the beach resorts. There are wide varieties of entertainment to choose and it ranges from the traditional Egyptian entertainment to the modern foam parties.

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