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ile de la tortue

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ile de la tortue

The Tortuga island  is also known by its French name ile de la tortue. It stands off the northern coast of Haiti and is a mountainous island. The ile de la tortue, Haiti is famous mostly for its depiction in a number of famous Hollywood films such as The Black Swan, Pirates of the Caribbean, etc and perhaps this is why every year throngs of tourists visit the island to take in a apiece of this historically and culturally famous piece of land.

Main attractions at ile de la tortue

ile de la tortue

There are quite a few islands near Haiti  such as the Gonave Island, Les Cayemites, grand caye, Tortuga island and others. The Tortuga island, also known as the Turtle island is located off the northwest coast of Hispaniola. Apart from fishing and tourism, there is not much activity on this largely unpopulated island, perhaps because of the rumoured pirates! However, if you are in the area, this Haiti plage (French word for beach or shore) is a must-visit. the Curu National Park is a major attraction. Accommodation is not the best here, so it is best to make it a day-long rip and be back by evening after spending a relaxing day at the beach and engaging in the activities this plage in Haiti has to offer.

Things to do at Tortuga island

The beach boasts of beautiful calm waters, deal for swimming, kayaking and snorkeling. The banana Boat Tour given by the local tour guide is also fun. For peace and tranquility, this island is perfect, away from the bustling cities. And since ile de la tortue is uninhabited, there is no city life at all. T wholly thrives on tourism. The rocky terrain has hiking trails and trekking facilities but many times they are not advised for laymen. For a quiet day, one can visit this Haiti island for a short swim, lunch and excellent boat rides.

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