Choose Your Romantic Honeymoon Destination at a Beach

Newly Wed? Why not the best beach honeymoon destinations?

Oh honeymoons! The one occasion that gets even the most unromantic fellows out there to think of new ways of making their partners happy, find out newer ways of spending time with each other. Officially the first vacation that a married couple takes together, honeymoons are meant to help the two come even closer to each other, allowing them an opportunity to be away from the maddening crowd, the friends, the families, the work and the humdrum and pressures of regular life. It is the starting point of a wonderful dream they have seen together. Choosing the location of your honeymoon is thus, a crucial part of ensuring that you two have fun and peace at the same time. Just like every other person is different from the other, so is each couple. However, romantic beaches are one option that almost no couple will discard as a site for their honeymoon; specially, if the beach is an exotic, empty, and lesser known one. They are considered as the most romantic honeymoon destinations of the world. We will shortly list out the most romantic vacation spots in the world for you.

If one tries to look up the best beach honeymoon destinations in the world, he or she will end up with a list of names of beaches along with a few other places here and there. Beaches provide the perfect calm, cosiness, opportunities for getting close and being together, taking part in some adventure by taking a swim or riding a boat or scuba diving or surfing. They also provide the chance of simply sitting down and gazing at the horizon with no worries about missing the bus or the deadlines, watching beautiful sunsets and sunrises and so much more. Beaches the undoubtedly the most romantic places for honeymoon. Here are some of the best beach honeymoon destinations of the world to help your find the one for you:

North Beach, Barbuda

best beach honeymoon destinations

The ones who want some exclusivity in their lives, should definitely opt for this honeymoon beach. A part of the Caribbean Islands, lovers of privacy after a trip to this beach will feel that it was made to please them being at the most romantic vacations. There is no network coverage for mobile phones, no clocks at the resort no pools and no spasm, just intimate moments and it is in the top destinations for couples. What is found in abundance is the sheer tranquil nature; the blue skies and the sparkling water – simple being themselves. There are chaise lounges and hammocks at the resort for visitors at the resort. Rooms at the resort are all ocean view and the rent includes all meals and alcoholic beverages and transfers from Codrington Village to the location by boat. Isn’t this place the one of the best beach honeymoon destinations in the world ? Try it!!


best beach honeymoon destinations

Found among many lists of best beach honeymoon destinations, this place offers a unique experience and amid the most romantic getaways in the world. Located off the coast of Africa, Seychelles is a cluster of 115 islands. Seychelles is famous for its giant boulders and never ending line of palms, apart from the freely roaming tortoises and oft visiting birds. Some of the most popular islands and beaches in Seychelles are Mahe´, Anse Intendance Beach in Victoria and La Digue. The best places to stay here would the smaller inns and hotels at the Inner islands since that would save one a lot. If you visit during the off seasons, you are likely to get some discounts on the room rents too. The resorts here are undoubtedly expensive but do offer great comfort and class. So, if you are looking for best beaches for honeymoon, this can be one for you.

French Polynesia

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Looking for an adventurous honeymoon island beach or most romantic vacation spots? Well the place which merges natural beauty and privacy with adventure is the French Polynesian Islands. Consisting of 15 islands such as Bora Bora, Tahiti and Moorea, the beaches here offer the view of crystal clear water and white sand along with the opportunities of snorkelling and scuba diving with exotic fishes and turtles. Boats can also guide you to the best scuba spots, it is one of the most romantic beaches in the world. Those interested can ask about the schools which offer certification courses to first time divers and considered one of the best beach honeymoon destinations in the world.

Lakshadweep Islands

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Not as crowded by tourists as the Andamans, the islands are most famous for their corals and one of the romantic beaches in the world. Couples can opt for the snorkelling or scuba diving sessions or simply lie on the resort hammocks or on the white sands of the beaches to stare at the never ending horizon in front of them. The place is ideal for relaxation and bonding over a drink or food. There are plenty of resorts – both budget and luxurious. This is considered one of the best beach honeymoon destinations in India.

Peloponnese, Greece

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This is one of the perfect location for newly weds and also one of the best beach honeymoon destinations in the worldThose who are keen on visiting Europe but not miss out on some beach fun can visit the Porto Heli beach in Greece. Ideal for some fun time with your partner, this beach has the perfect bays and plenty of olive trees to go with it, one of the top destinations for couples. Hydra and Spetses are some nearby islands from this honeymoon beach. Options for honeymoon beach resorts at the Porto Heli include the famous Amonzo’e, a luxury hotel with hilltop views making the expense worthwhile.

Guanacaste, Costa Rica

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The option of surfing should not be ruled out when thinking of best honeymoon beach destinations. Combine that with a dose of jungle waterfalls, volcanoes, horseback riding and you have the beach of Guanacaste in Costa Rica. A unique combination of activity and excitement, this holiday destination would be perfect for those who enjoy finding romance in the most unusual ways, you will surely consider this as most romantic vacation spots you choose. After a day full of merry making at the beach, prepare yourself for some frolic and fun at beach bars. The nearby jungle has beautiful waterfalls, a volcano and options of white-water rafting and hiking. There are varying options for staying here such as those which are known for their food and others which are known for their nightlife. Considering all the factors it is considered one of the best beach honeymoon destinations across the world.

Beaches of Goa

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It is very difficult to decide on the best beach in Goa for honeymoon since each has its own character and specialities but surely one of the best destination for couples in India. The ones who are keen on exploring each other’s unknown sides during their honeymoon should go for some place like the Mandrem. It is considered among the most romantic places in the continent and when you are looking for the best beach honeymoon destinations. The Agonda beach is also good for those who want to spend time with themselves and nature. Dolphin watching is a popular activity here. You will enjoy the lack of hawkers and sellers here. The Cavelossim beach is also another less crowded beach. It is surrounded by paddy fields and has certain calm about it that reaches out to you.

There are many other locations which are considered best beach honeymoon destinations by couples, some of which are yet to become popular.

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