Why Choose a Pop Up Gazebo?

A pop up gazebo is your friend for all occasions. Graduations, weddings, outdoor barbeques, backyard parties, you name it, and a portable gazebo can host it for you, irrespective of the weather.

These versatile canopies are made of light weight material and offer complete protection from foreign elements like rain, sun and microbes. So that nothing can come in the way of you and your loved ones from making lovely memories.

pop up gazebo


Pop up gazebos can flawlessly fit into any outdoor event, and many reasons don’t even meet the eye. With that said here are few personal events where you can use pop up gazebo to great effect:



Whenever people think of pop up gazebos, the default event that comes to their mind is a Wedding. There are almost 10 million varieties of pop up gazebos available in the market, so there is every chance that you can find the one perfect for you with due diligence.

With pop up gazebos you are never tied to limitations of the venue, for ex. You can invite as many people as you want and get your gazebo made in accordance with it. With a traditional venue, it is the other way around.

Also, with so many event tent accessories available to enhance your wedding, the options for decorations are endless. You could opt for extra lightings to light up your event or add French marquee linings to add extra class to the event.

You can also use mini pop up gazebos for various sub events like cutting the cake or an intimate podium for exchanging the rings. The possibilities are endless.


After weddings, I think graduations are perhaps the most special event in someone’s life and at no cost would he/she would want their special moment to be spoilt by rain. A pop up gazebo can perfectly protect your harry potter robes from the downpour and help you get the perfect picture that you will be hanging on your wall for the rest of your life.

A short and long lasting message can also be printed on the walls to make it even more memorable.


Pop up gazebos can serve a dual purpose during barbeque parties.

  1. Protect your guests and the grilled goods that you have been preparing for them from foreign elements like rain, sun, humidity etc.
  2. You can place the pop up gazebo in the backyard of your lawn and hence away from your residence. This will help you keep your place clean and tidy.

Beach outings and parties:

Usually traditional poles don’t hold on beaches as the sand is very loose to hold poles. Pop up gazebos save you here as well because they are easy to transport, set up and ideal for beaches. They are a great shelter against the sun and equally good circumference for the kids to play upon the sand.

 Lawn/ Patio Decor:

Pop up gazebos can instantly jazz up the decor of any outdoor space be it a lawn, backyard or a patio. These days when the concept of tree houses has run its course, it can be the perfect opportunity for you to help your kids get that experience.

It can also serve as a mini picnic spot where you can hang out with your kids and pets.

Tailgate or screening parties:

The screening culture has picked up the pace, especially in the past few years. A pop up gazebo could be your perfect spot for screening a game for your fellow fans as it allows them to enjoy the game without any restrictions that they would have faced.

As a host, you are also carefree of the fact that no drinks or snacks will be spilt during a celebration.


The hectic lifestyle these days, especially in urban areas, can be a lot to take in and body can demand a respite from time to time. A pop up gazebo can be the ideal decoy for you to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. You could take a book or a few drinks to enjoy some quality time with yourself to prepare for the week coming ahead.

These were the personal benefits that you can derive from a pop up gazebo. Apart from these, pop up gazebos are extensively used for advertising and marketing. They feature at trade fairs, farmer markets, product expos etc. More and more enterprises are steadily turning towards pop up gazebos for branding opportunities. However, caution must be exercised while selecting the perfect gazebo as this is a selection that requires its due diligence and consideration.

A pop up gazebo is the first that audiences will notice about your company at the events mentioned above. Thus, it becomes imperial that you use this factor to your advantage. You need to make sure that your logo, taglines, company name etc. are printed perfectly so that your gazebo does not appear like a counterfeit of your own business. This is perhaps the biggest distinction between a regular pop up gazebo and a business pop up gazebo.

Next aspect of the gazebo that you need to take care of is the styling. In most events, it is best advised to stick to the colours of your brand. However, professionalism should prevail in some cases. For example, if the colour of your gazebo is yellow, you need to ask yourself if you’d want a yellow gazebo at an extremely professional event like a trade fair. It is then best advised to go for a more professional darker shade like a blue or black.

Then it boils down to the size of the gazebo. Most professional event organisers provide an allocated space for gazebos, and it is best advised to order a gazebo slightly smaller than the space allocated keeping other aspects like customer movement, security details etc. in mind. Despite all such restrictions, you gazebo should be big enough to accommodate all of your stuff and staff so that you can make the most out of the event.

Apart from all the points mentioned above, you also need to keep in mind the quality and durability of the gazebo. This becomes even more imperative when you are looking to attend a lot of events in quick succession. Also, external factors like rain, sun etc. also need to be accounted for as the majority of such events are open roof, and no one can predict the weather with utmost certainty. In a place like Australia, you certainly need a gazebo that can withstand high wind speeds, and if you go for the cheapest gazebo on the catalogue, you will end up spending more, in the long run, you will need to keep paying for its maintenance from time to time and eventually for a replacement.

If you touch upon all the points mentioned above, I’m sure that you will have no problems in selecting the perfect pop up gazebo for your company’s branding and marketing. However, if you are still confused and would like more insights, you can call Extreme Marquees at 1300 850 832 or visit https://www.extreme-marquees.com.au/. Extreme Marquees are market leaders in the industry and have been so for more than 15 years now. They pour in years of expertise into every gazebo they make, and you could never go wrong with one of their gazebos.