Lake Titicaca Island

Lake Titicaca Island

Lake titicaca island anonymously said as Titicaca or Titiqaqa,  is positioned on the outskirts of Bolivia and Peru. Talking about the impressive beauty and engaging climate, the Bolivia best beaches counts the number of elegant beaches and lake titicaca is one of them.It is the religious place for the Inca civilization well, it is a belief that Inca first king , Manco Capac was born here.

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The graceful blue sky contradicts with violently cold nights and the mesmerizing weather holds the tourist to stay for so long.  The gateway to Lake Titicaca Island is surely an enduring and remarkable experience for any globetrotter. The lake is positioned about 3800 meters above the sea level at a really high peak that enhances the charm of the lake.

Amantani island lake titicaca is one more small island on the lake, and interestingly no cars or hotels have marked their presence on the island, all agricultural activities are accomplished by hand.

Lake Titicaca Island

Don’t Miss the Fun of:

  • Catch a Glimpse of Floating Islands of Uros People

Enjoy the forty five minutes ride of boat starting from the Puno, that stops you at the group of 60 islands i.e. at the Uros island. The fascination and the lucky chances bestowed by modern and favorable life on the beach are effectively becoming challenging for new generation.

  •  Have a Good Time to Enjoy Folk Festival

Don’t miss to catch the parades bragging music and dance in the streets, that happens throughout the year. These successive fetes are celebrated at the Puno Week celebration, which is tagged at the first week of November.

There are much more interesting and amazing things to do on the islands,  simply explore the beauty and the exotic stuffs near by the best beaches in Bolivia,  and tick the unforgettable memories and endless fun on your notepad.