Madidi National Park

Bolivia Madidi National beach Park

Madidi National Park is one of the most specified geographic region on the planet and is popularly deliberated as “Biodiversity hotspot” by the scientists. The national park has spread its roots around 18.957 km, covering immense field of ecosystems ranging from giant grasslands, lowland steamy forests, to natural lowland savannas.

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bolivia Madidi National beach Park

Eco-Friendly and Artistic Exposure to Guest

Madidi National Park encompasses huge population of Latin America’s  most tempting wildlife stripes counting, bear, wolf, jaguar,giant, andean condor and others. The city of Rurrenabaque is frequently used to get entry to the park. The excursion from Rurrenabaque to the Madidi National Park takes approximately 1 hour to 6 hours via boat while migrating along the Tuichi and Beni rivers.

Coming to the weather in national park, the parched season sync with blazing winters. The slight blow on temperature of the Madidi region is due to the winds coming from the north and chilly fronts from south.

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