Most Romantic places in Colombia

Well, the Romantic season is always ON and the romance takes its shape when the place you visit with your partner is surreal and romantic! So, it is essential to go for a holiday and most importantly an amorous one! Therefore, let’s see the most romantic places in Colombia. Basically, Colombia helps couples to unwind and unwrap on the islands while offering adventures and environment friendly tourism. The Colombia tourism is affordable and is available at much exciting rates and in various packages.

It is situated in South America which is the most diverse region according to its area per square kilometre. It is one of the adverse and indigenous tribe countries which have their own rich culture and heritage originating from Europe, Middle East, and Africa, etc. Colombia attracts tourists from various countries but majority of the travellers are US citizens. In the recent years, this country has significantly improved in business travels as well as tourism for couples or romantic and honeymoon destinations. Now, you can imagine getting up in a dreamy world under the blue skies, forests and beautiful lakes with your partner! Below is the list of the places to visit in Colombia for couples and bring back the romance again!


Most Romantic Places in Colombia

Cartagena is perfect as a romantic destination. It is ideal for honeymoon couples and promises to add sweet memories to your romance. It is becoming popular among youth as well as for the golden agers. There are deserted islands like Rosario islands which drive everybody’s fantasy and the boat ride across the bay of Cartagena equally galvanises the couples. The beaches and islands of Cartagena are warm and golden with all the turquoise water around. The couples can experience the marine life in the open Aquarium.


Most Romantic Places in Colombia

Bogota is known for involving the couples into worldly experience and simultaneously holding knowledge of the fashion and culture. It is the capital city of Colombia. It is located in the central part of the country and has variety of restaurants, hotels and unique museums. The unique museums are dedicated to the artist Fernando Botero and other to d’etre: the gold. Various couples spend their honeymoon doing adventures like biking, browsing the galleries and enjoying the night life in Colombia. There are ample reasons to visit this place to enjoy a sophisticated honeymoon.

San Andres and Providencia

Most Romantic Places in Colombia

San Andres and Providencia are one of the adventurous destinations here in Columbia. They offer popular beach sports like scuba diving and snorkelling. San Andres and Providencia are the Colombia’s Caribbean islands which are preserved and are surrounded by the coral reefs. The marine life and the tons of these islands are vivid and colourful. At this place, the immigration takes the passport away for keeping it safe when you arrive in these towns. They want you to explore and discover the blue waters and wonderful rocks of the pristine beaches.


Most Romantic Places in Colombia

Well, most of people like a lazy lace for a romantic destination. They just want to be sleepy and lethargic the whole day. So, Mompox is the ultimate destination in Colombia for enjoying some good jazz music and cold beer in front of the lovely squares down by the river. There are many resorts and hotels for the luxurious living and one of them is LaCasa Amarilla. It has delightful romantic rooms with authentic food.

Coffee triangle

Most Romantic Places in Colombia

Colombia’s Coffee triangle is located in the country’s department of Caldas, Quindio and Risaralda. As the name suggests, one of best coffee in the world is grown in the Coffee triangle. These departments are well known for the valleys which are endless, plantations of coffee and farms and Valle De Cocora within which the Colombian Wax Palm is situated. The Coffee triangle is a peaceful and surreal place to travel over for couples.


Most Romantic Places in Colombia

Palomino is surrounded by the snowcapped mountains and beaches alongside. It has a bio-diverse atmosphere with a running forest across the ocean, mountains at the back and blue waters and white sandy beaches. It is the most tranquil place for young honeymoon couples with various private resorts, hotels and villas to reside in. This place is a small village which is located 70 kilometers from the city of Santa Marta. It is close to the National Park there. So, it is one of the most romantic places in Colombia as it contains both forest life as well as blue oceans.


Most Romantic Places in Colombia

The Barichara, which is a town, located near Santander Department is around 5 hours away from Bogota. It has landscapes which are truly romantic and has a homely atmosphere. There are boutique stores, restaurants serving home cooked meals and various hotels which are authentic and make us feel like home. The streets are all roughly assembled and are preserved years ago. This place enhances the romance and makes the couple free in homely atmosphere.

Isla Mucura

Most Romantic Places in Colombia

Isla Mucura is one of the islands which is located at the collection of 10 islands. It makes up San Bernando Archipelago located at the Caribbean coastline. It takes two hours (boat ride) from Cartagea to reach Isla Mucura. This place aims to save the coral reefs systems. Mucura is basically small and contains only one hotel which has 50 rooms and a variety of adventure activities. It is surrounded by palm trees and has greenery everywhere. Isla Mucura is a place with calm and turquoise water which is perfect and ideal for honeymoon couples.


Most Romantic Places in Colombia

Ecohabs is a place with thatched roof huts perched across the cliffs and beaches of the Caribbean. Each and every hut has a scenic view, terrace area which is separate and spacious and has luxurious rooms. It also has a semi-private beach with all the amenities around. It is known as one of the most romantic places in Colombia as the couples merely have to wake up, have breakfast, and can spend the day at the beach, having a sea-side dinner and nightlife at nearby clubs.