Cartagena Main Beach







san Andres is the largest of the island group in the Department of the Archipelago. It is a coral island in the Caribbean sea 800km northwest of colombia.  san Andres coral island is a diverse ecosystem of groves, reefs and cays. The kingdom of heaven has mangrove forests and multicolored warm waters which is suitable for diving and snorkeling.

Cartagena Main Beach






To the northern coast of Colombia is the city Cartagena Beach, the capital of Bolivar. The city was the first Spanish colony on the American continent and one of the first sanctuaries of freed African slaves in the Americas.The main attraction in Cartagena Main Beach is the main entrance where is the Clock Tower building and the historic old town which is surrounded by the city wall. In Getsemani the oldest part of Cartagena is around Plaza Trinidad.

Easy access to miles of best beaches, historical forts, colonial buildings. Cartagena in Colombia attracts a large number of visitors all the year round. There are various beaches located in the city’s edge, one can take a boat trip to reach their destination. It is not very famous for its night life. But cartagena captivates many newly married couples making it perfect for romantic breaks and families by its multitudinous luxury hotels, restaurants and of course beaches.

Beaches near cartagena lack the crystal clear water and white sands but on the weekends and in the pick season you will find it a lot crowded. A good choice is 10miles away at Cabo de Palos. There are incredible numbers of vendors that won’t leave you alone.