Playa Blanca beach

Playa blanca beach






Wake up early in the morning to turquoise waters far into the horizon. You just can’t control yourself from running into the warm quiet and peaceful sea. To the south of Cartagena towards the curve of Baru Island is Playa Blanca Beach.

Playa blanca beach






Playa Blanca is one of the best beaches in Colombia, in the province of Cocle, Panama and around an hour away from Cartagena. Cocle is the central province of Panama, this is the only place where you can find those famous square trees.

playa de panama is very famous for its love story between Princess Luba, a Spanish officer and a warrior. The hill which is called The Sleeping Indian defines the princess’s figure that reminds of the mysterious history. There are several archaeological sites, museums and ancient cities that maintain the culture and tradition of the people

With warm pacific beaches and alluring nature this is perfect for an amazing vacation.

As the name suggests Playa blanca is indeed a white beach with bright blue color water. You can see your legs playing under the crystal clear water. Lying in the sun sipping drinks in the long wide beach, that lies between the reef and farallon river will give you an unforgettable moment of your life.

This beach is far cleaner than the beaches in and around the city. The ocean phosphorescence is amazing. This is a blissful 3km stretch of Caribbean sand. Playa Blanca has countless number of restaurants and wooden bar. There is hammock and cabins if you are looking for low budget stay overnight. There are innumerable water sports from scuba diving, windsurfing to snorkeling and kayaking.