Sandspit Beach Karachi

sandspit beach karachi

Sandspit Beach Karachi is located at the southern west coast of Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. It is an acclaimed visitor spot because of the striking assortment of marine life-green growth, and crabs found here. The shallow water here is perfect for swimming and sunbathing. Sandspit, Karachi also incorporates horseback and camel riding for tourists.

Main Attractions:

Horseback riding, Camel riding, and watching thousands of turtles lay eggs at the shoreline.

The Sandspit Beach Karachi is likewise a settling ground for Green and Olive Ridley Turtles, executed by the Sindh Wildlife Department in the course of recent decades. Settling happens in ahead of schedule winter months. In winters, numerous green delightful turtles come to shoreline for laying their eggs, giving the individuals an opportunity to see this stunning view around evening time and making it a famous picnic point in Karachi.

sandspit beach karachi

Sandspit beach is mainstream with families on Sundays and on siestas. Unlike other beaches in Pakistan, this beach has a characteristic sea wall that keeps the harbour from silting up – a genuine issue along the greater part of the coastline – and assumed a substantial part in Karachi’s development as the fundamental port on this piece of the Arabian Sea. A taxi from focal Karachi costs around Rs 250, with transports from Lea Market costing Rs 20.

Shorelines extend just about constantly for several kilometres from Karachi into the Makran in Balochistan yet a great part of the coast is untouchable to outsiders. The thrill of the undiscovered and unexplored waters invites many from the outskirts to this one of the most amazing beaches in Karachi.