Most Romantic Places in Panama

A romantic vacation must have a mix of perfect weather, ambiance and things to do for a couple. Panama like other Caribbean countries was inhabited by indigenous people and then colonized by the Spanish. Famously known for the Panama Canal, this country has some of the most romantic places for couples to enjoy. Do check […]

Bocas del Toro

Boca del Toro is a province of Panama, an archipelago comprising one mainland and 9 major islands scattered in the ocean. The name means “mouth of the bull”. Located on the northern coast of Panama,  Bocas del Torro is definitely among the top places to visit in Panama. With 52 cays and hundreds of islets, […]

Contadora Island

Panama Islands are in hundreds and many of them are still held to be undiscovered, virgin islands where the touch if civilization has escaped. This lends a very natural feel to each of these islands. It was not until very recently that tourism began to develop here and since then some islands have begun to […]

Comarca Kuna Yala

Kuna Yala, Panama is known for American Indian settlement. The Kunas were the first among the Latin Americans to gain autonomous territory in Central America. It is usually referred to as the San Blas Islands, the Spanish name given in the early 16th Century and locally they are called Comarca de Guna Yala or Comarca […]

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