Most romantic beaches in the Philippines

The Philippines lies in the southeast part of the world and is surrounded by the ocean. Tagalog people inhabit most of the country followed by Bisaya and Cebuano people. The Philippines is ethnically diverse and it could be because it was a colony for the Portuguese as well. Ancient monuments and a diverse environment make up this Asian nation. Along with food and culture, the most romantic beaches in the Philippines offer much more because they are an island nation. Here is a list of some best beaches for couples.

White Beach

Located in the Boracay, the White Beach is one of the most popular beaches in the Philippines. It is a popular sand strip that spans 4 kilometers in length. Occupying almost half of the west coast, it has stunning white sand and gorges sunset views. Apart from its breath-taking beauty, the White beach is also known for its thrilling water sports on the eastern side of the island. It’s a perfect place to go windsurfing or kayaking during the day and enjoy the evening sunsets with your loved one.

Dumaluan Beach

The Damaluan Beach, located off the coast of Panglao island, is a stunning beach which is rich in marine biodiversity and offers less crowd as compared to the other beaches. If you are looking to spend some private time with your significant other, then this beach would be a great choice. Depending upon the resort you choose to stay in, you can have exclusive access to the beach where the staff of the resort will help you set up a private date night by the beach. Also, you should not miss to witness the remarkable underwater marine life which is unique to this beach. You can either go snorkeling or scuba diving to experience the marine wildlife.

Paradise Beach

The Paradise Beach is a small heaven on earth just like its name. It is located on the small island of Bantayan, which is on the western part of Cebu. This is one of the virgin beaches of Philippines which does not have many resorts and hence does not attract a major crowd except during the Easter season. Together with sparkling clear waters and fine sand this beach offers a beautiful private space to its visitors and thus makes it to the list of the most romantic beaches in the Philippines. Apart from the beach, you can visit the adjoining jungle which is not so dense, if you wish to go on an exploring adventure with your loved one.

El Nido

The El Nido beach is one of the finest tropical getaways the world has to offer. One of the most popular beaches in the Phillipines, the El Nido beach is extremely famous for its natural splendor and unique ecosystem. The underwater marine habitat differs from island to island. It has five different types of forest scattered across the islands which are visited by a wide range of bird species every year. Apart from the water sport activities you can go island hopping and go hiking to see the splendid geologic limestone rock formations which are only found on the islands associated with the El Nido beach. You can also opt to visit one of the many secret lagoons to spend some quiet time your significant other. Carry your easy pop up beach tent if you are planning to stay in the island for a romantic night.

Cagayan Valley Beach

The Cagayan Valley Beach is famously known for its raw beauty. Located on the Palaui Island, this beach is about all things fresh and natural. Unlike the usual beaches, Cagayan Valley does not offer lavish resorts but provides you with quaint homestays where you can spend quality time with your loved one. You can also opt for camping by the beach if you’re the adventurous kinds. The beautiful Cagayan Valley beach is surrounded by rolling volcanic hills which form a picturesque backdrop for the white sandy beaches. Apart from spending time on the beach you can go hiking to explore the attractive landscape or visit the historic lighthouse on the Engano Cove.


Popularly known as the Pink Beach, the Zamboanga beach is located on the Great Santa Cruz island. It gets it name due to the mixture of crushed red orange coral and white sand which makes the beach appear a stunning pink in colour. You can hire a boat and a tour guide for a one-day trip to this place. You can explore the mangrove and witness the exotic species of birds like the Purple Heron. You can also visit the lagoon and if you’re lucky you can get a glimpse of some beautiful jellyfish, coral reefs and other marine wildlife.

The Philippines, being an island country, is a dreamy location full of secluded places having the most romantic beaches in the Philippines. The archipelago surrounded by clear blue waters is the perfect destination for a romantic getaway.