Amazing Facts about Cebu You Didn’t Know

They say that Cebu is the city you’ll want to visit again since you may not always get enough of it. It has so much to offer, and yet you’ll still want another trip and another one and even another one. So, what are some of the fantastic cultures, histories, and scenic beauties that this Filipino city has to offer the world? Let’s look at some of the amazing facts about Cebu you might not even know.

Cebu Is the Home of Philippine’s Oldest Streets

If you’ve visited Cebu, then you will be very familiar with Colon street. Colon Street is one of the oldest streets in the Philippines. It is considered as one of Cebu’s tourist attraction sites as it is home to old commercial establishments.

Colon Street is an irresistible one, and it is still a buzzing city of beehive businesses and retail activities.

Cebu Harbors the Oldest School in Asia

The University of San Carlos, previously known as Colegio de San Indefonso, is the oldest in the Philippines and Asia. The Spanish Jesuits founded the school in 1959, and it was named after St. Charles Borromeo.

A lot has changed since then, and the Divine Word society is managing the University of San Carlos.

The CPDRC Inmates Dancing Sensation are from Cebu

The sensational dancing inmates that hit the internet in 2007 are from Cebu. The Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center dancing inmates have awed the world with more than 54 million views on YouTube

The lively dance on Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” brought Cebu into the spotlight and it remained as one of the top Philippines’ tourist destination sites and one of the amazing facts about Cebu people don’t know.

Ever Heard of the World Most Famous Lechon?

One of the most nostalgic experiences that every tourist speaks about is the roasted pig dish sold everywhere in Cebu. They call it Lechon, a must-taste dish for any tourist that sets foot in Cebu.

To be honest, I always think of the Lechon any time I am on the Cathay Pacific planes, whether it’s a return trip or both ways.

Cebu City Celebrates Its Birthday Every February 24th

Cebu was elevated to a city on February 24th, 1937, under the Common Wealth Act No.58. That date marked the birth of the city and is thus celebrated yearly.

Home to the First Filipino Warrior

The Island of Mactan in Cebu was ruled by Lapu-Lapu, who resisted and fought off the Spanish colonizers. Lapu-Lapu is recognized as the first Filipino warrior by defeating and killing the Spanish leader, Ferdinand Magellan, in 1951.

Hosts the Sinulog Festival

Sinulog Festival is one of the biggest festivals in Asia, held every third weekend of January in honor of the Santo Nino. This colorful event is celebrated all week long and attracts many tourists from all corners of the earth.

The festival is marked by street dancing, foot procession, and novena masses.

It’s Home to Philippines’ Most Ancient Christian Relic

Ferdinand Magellan planted a Christian cross on the city grounds when he arrived in Cebu. The cross was a Christian relic that symbolized Magellan’s mission of converting the locals to Christianity.

The Christian cross was named after Magellan and is situated near Plaza Sugbo.

Cebu is the Home Of Christianity in Asia

Fray Andres and Miguel Lopez are considered as the early champions of Christianity in the area. Their actions immensely helped in the spreading of the religion in Cebu and Asia at large.

It’s the Birth Town and Death Bed of Two Presidents of the Philippines

President Sergio Osmena, who served his two years term, was born in Cebu. In 1957, president Ramon Magsaysay’s plane crashed on Mt. Manunggal on his way to Manila after visiting Cebu.

Do You Want To Dive With The Thresher Sharks? Cebu Is The Place!

Carry a camera along while traveling to Cebu to capture your lifetime moment. Thresher sharks frequently flock to the area beneath the Malapascua island before sunrise. Witnessing the sharks or even taking a snap of these creatures is one in a lifetime experience that you will only find in Cebu.

In case you are looking for that lifetime dive with the Thresher sharks, then Cebu is the city to be.

My trip to Cebu has shown me that Cebu is more than just a scenic island and even I was unaware about these amazing facts about Cebu until I explored them myself. It is the home of rich culture, diverse nature with so much to learn, do and watch. Everybody wants to go to Cebu since there is something new to tell, learn, and do every day.