5 Beautiful Places in Miami for Couples for a Romantic Vacation

Miami is a metropolitan city located in South Easter Florida along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. It is a city which boasts of a stunning skyline dotted with high rise buildings and skyscrapers making it the city which has the third largest skyline in the United States. Apart from being the centre of finance, commerce, international trade, arts and culture, Miami is also an interesting mix of glamour and nature which makes it an ideal destination for couples. Listed below some beautiful places in Miami for couples looking for a vacation destination.

South Beach

The South Beach in Miami is arguably the most charming place in the city. Lined by tall palm tress and Art Deco buildings, the atmosphere of this beach is nothing short of electric. The beachfront is nearly crowded most of the times with walkers, runners and roller skaters visiting the shores. You can spend a day at the beach admiring the cool blue tropical waters from shore or you could engage in some water sports like swimming and kayaking of you like to play in the water. You can go parasailing with your partner or enjoy the sunset while sipping on your favourite martini. If you get bored of the beach you can head to the nearby Haul over Park to play tennis or golf.

Miami Riverside and Park

One of the most stunning landscapes in Miami is along the Miami River which is ideal for a couple’s getaway. You and your partner can book a home, or a hotel using Luxury short Term rentals Miami and spend a day or two within the vicinity of the River-walk. After exploring the city, you can have a romantic dinner and visit the Bay-front Park. You can stroll along the riverside at night with the city lights shimmering the background.

Zoological Wildlife Foundation

If you and your partner love animals and are interested in wildlife, then the Zoological Wildlife Foundation will provide you with the best experience. This zoo is an appointment only zoo that provides guided and interactive tours around the zoo which is spread across five acres of lush green land. These tours give you an opportunity to get a glimpse of some of the endangered animal species such as snow leopard, white African lion, binturong and Amur leopard. You can interact with the animals and feed them during these tours which will also educate you regarding the animal species and the importance of wildlife conservation.

Coconut Grove

One of the most beautiful places in Miami for couples in Coconut Grove which is a bay-side village situated in the heart of Miami. It is the perfect place for couples seeking some quiet time away from the bustling city life. Coconut Grove has a relaxing charm to itself where you can sip your favourite drink while soaking up the sun and enjoying the view. You can find several cafes, boutiques and art galleries that will keep you entertained. The parks along the bay such as the Kennedy Park and Peacock park will provide stunning view of the sea where you can enjoy hiking, biking or a romantic walk with your partner.

Wynwood Arts District

If you love art and are looking for a vibrant and colourful place for vacation, then Wynwood Arts District in Miami will surely appeal to you. This district was once dilapidated but is now one of the most picturesque places in Miami that attracts all art lovers. It has innumerable art galleries which houses a variety of art forms. The streets are lines with antique shops, quirky cafes, busy bars and retails stores and outlets selling artwork. The district itself is colourful with several street art installations which is sure to inspire all the art enthusiasts.