South Miami beach

South Miami beach

South Miami beach is the hottest new kid on the block in the state. It is away from the maddening tourist rush of the beach towns and the urban jungle that defines big cities. In its place you will find a secluded community of warm and friendly people with a laid back atmosphere. It is a small place and can be easily covered by foot. Yet within this area, there is so much exploring to do. It has a very pleasant climate which makes travelling easier. The architecture is old and sprawling and is a photographer’s delight. There are unique structures all around and one needs to keep their eyes open to spot great marvels. The leafy residential areas, wide streets and a peaceful atmosphere is probably South Miami’s biggest selling point.

Even though South Miami is a small town of 2.73 sq. Miles, it packs a punch. There are some great staying and dining options here. Establishments are old and family run and the quality of service is at par with any world class destination. There are innumerable restaurants serving a variety of fares and you can sample them depending on your mood and liking. That being said, big hotel and food chains too have their name stamped in South Miami so you can have your pick anywhere and anytime.

South Miami beach

There are plenty of entertainment options here at South Miami. The place has a rich culture of music, arts and theatre. Many music shows are held here throughout the year. The oldest ballet school in Miami is also located in this town. The quiet charm of the place is an onus for cultural activities and appeal to the people wishing to get away from the hustle and bustle of their everyday life.

Even shopping is a pleasure as the stores are unique and there are many small and exclusive boutiques offering a variety of choices to the shopper in you. That apart, there is a growth in the newer shopping plazas and retail stores bring to you the latest fashions. Other than this, there are plenty of parks, both small and big for families to enjoy in. Some of them are also renowned for their sporting events. Most of them are surrounded by greenery and offer solitude and peace.

The town council is very responsible and takes care of the needs of its citizens. Education, safety, healthcare, and entertainment are all catered to by the administration.

South Miami is also really close to the beach. In fact, one needs to go east from here, cross Coral Gables to reach the sea. It is a very short commute and families and couples, or even the youth can have loads of fun doing a beach day trip.

Whatever one wants, they can get at South Miami Beach. For a more luxurious lifestyle, many other towns are set nearby which cater to the rich lifestyle. One can stay here for the peace and quiet and travel all around exploring the entire region. Overall, South Miami beach is a truly idyllic place to visit and stay in.