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Comarca Kuna Yala

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Comarca Kuna Yala

Kuna Yala, Panama is known for American Indian settlement. The Kunas were the first among the Latin Americans to gain autonomous territory in Central America. It is usually referred to as the San Blas Islands, the Spanish name given in the early 16th Century and locally they are called Comarca de Guna Yala or Comarca Kuna Yala. The people live under their own authorities, based on old traditions and customs.

What to see at Comarca Kuna Yala?

Comarca Kuna Yala

In Panama best beaches are found in the narrow Caribbean Sea between Colon Province and Columbia and Comarca Kuna Yala or the San Blas Islands Panama falls just right here with an archipelago of 365 islands! Which accrues to one island for each day of the year! There are further smaller clusters of islands with different names such as the Carti, Corazon de Jesus & Nargana, Corbiski. Isla Banedup, East Lemons, Isla Tigre, Isla Iskardup, Akwadup, Naranjo Chico and many others. what draws tourists to these clusters of islands is the charm an homely feel of the local people. The Kuna people of Panama are not the luxury-loving ones and live by whatever they get, with no place for greed. Whatever they have they are willing to share with those who visit them at any time of the year. The beaches are dotted with coconut trees which form the main source of income., apart from this, there are steady handcrafts and textile industry which is very popular in the region.

What to do in Comarca Kuna Yala?

There is not much activity that goes on here for tourists. There are small centres for ecotourism which takes one along the beach, through the tropical forests but that is it. The travelers mainly visit the islands for the cool blue waters, white sandy beaches and the beautiful surroundings. Water sports like snorkeling, fishing are available on few islands. Swimming is also a safe option around here. Among the places to see in Panama, Comarca Kuna Yala features n the list  of many tourists just for the feel of being among the friendly people. The best beaches in Panama are scattered all over the Caribbean and Comarca Kuna Yala rank among the top because of the relaxing stay in harmony of nature it offers.

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