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St Helena bay

St Helena bay

Ever heard of the beautiful St Helena, thinking where is St Helena located? St Helena is a tropical island  in the South Atlantic Ocean of volcanic origin, in the east of Rio de Janeiro and west of the southern coast of Africa. The St Helena islands have a rich diversity of sub tropical forests. The St Helena beaches are a must visit. English is the main language of the St Helena islands. The island has many museums and national parks to protect endangered and rare species. The island provide calm and gentle climate with coffee and banana plantations. St Helena Island is the perfect destination for sunbathing, relaxing and exploring the nearby beaches since it has a quiet and peaceful environment. The island is filled with rocks and black volcanic sands.


Things to do -

St Helena bay

The island provides various water sports which includes scuba diving and boat excursions to nearby islands and is a perfect spot for the water sports enthusiasts. You can go and explore the sandy beach and visit the Napoleon museums and national parks. The place is a paradise for the bird watchers and is the principle spot for fishing.


St Helena tourism is known for its national parks and forests. There are two National Parks, One of them helps to protect some of the rare flora most of which can only be found on St Helena. The second National park is at Sandy and it protects the rare native species and the spectacular geological structures created due to volcanic origins. The island has two museums. The island has as many bird species and it has many endangered endemic species. The island is perfect place for bird lovers. The island is a great place for walking, hiking, relaxing, rifle shooting and fishing.

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