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Silver Sands Beach

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Silver Sands Beach

Nothing can be more relaxing than spending a day in a beach. Never-ending countless tides always mesmerise us with the flow. Though Saudi Arabia reminds us desert, camel and rugged land but it has other attractions to surprise us. Silver Sands beach Jeddah is just an example of the spectacular view of Saudi.

Facilities that you can avail at Silver Sands Beach

Silver Sands Beach

This Silver sands beach is a perfect get away from the busy city life. The picturesque view of bluish sea gives the feel of complete serenity. Prior to this, the access to the beach was based on a strict membership terms and non-members had no scope to visit the place. Now it is open for all though they charge a lump- sum amount as entry fee. Snorkelling and diving are popular activities in this part. There are sunbeds spread in the beach to enjoy sunbathing. Restaurants and cafes are available at affordable range. Take a relaxing chair covered with umbrella and rest for the whole day. No such dress code is mandatory in the Jeddah Sea Beach. Women can wear any skimpy swim suit to troll on the shore.

You can come with your car and parking lot is adjacent to the beach. Showers and toilets are separate and they maintain them properly. The service and their hospitality are overwhelming.  The best time to revel in the silver sand beach is on weekdays. On weekends like any other beach it too gets crowded.

Places to visit

It takes hardly one hour from the city to reach this unspoiled Saudi beach. If you go by the Red Sea through Cornish Road you will get to see the floating mosque which is a prime attraction in the town. You will be spellbound to witness the astounding architecture of the mosque. King Fahd’s fountain and Makkah Gate, two carefully preserved heritage spots are always on the list to visit in any travellers for the beaches in Jeddah.

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