5 Most Popular Places in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is a country located in the Arabian Peninsula that is famous for having the historic roots of Islam in addition to its varied geography. Primarily a desert country, Saudi Arabia is also known for its wonderful culture, countless palaces and mosques, oil and the Arabian Coffee. It attracts a huge number of tourists […]

Silver Sands Beach

Nothing can be more relaxing than spending a day in a beach. Never-ending countless tides always mesmerise us with the flow. Though Saudi Arabia reminds us desert, camel and rugged land but it has other attractions to surprise us. Silver Sands beach Jeddah is just an example of the spectacular view of Saudi. Facilities that […]

Aramco Beach

Beach is exclusively meant for relaxation. Be it vacation or official tour, the combination of sand and sea is enough to replenish yourself.  Saudi Aramco beach is a private beach that gives a feeling of being secluded. On a holiday, tourists always prefer privacy and tranquility. If you want to spend a peaceful outing on […]

RasTanura Beach

Nature is the amazing creation of the god where we get to see paradise on earth. Saudi Arabia reminds us long stretch of desert but you will be amazed to know about its mesmerising beaches. Yes, it’s incredible but true that there are beaches in Saudi Arabia to explore. What will you find at RasTanura […]

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