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Socotra Beach

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Socotra Beach

Yemen beaches are deserving of attention, lots of them relatively empty year-circular regardless of being excellent spots for surfing, diving and snorkeling. Beaches in Yemen are outstanding and a long way from the mainland within the Indian Ocean, Socotra is Yemen’s most isolated destination. Socotra Beach is a paradise for surfers, divers, snorkelers and solitude-seekers. The island of Socotra is viewed the jewel of biodiversity in the Arabian Sea.

Things to do and see in Socotra Beach

Socotra Beach

  • Camp: Camping on the beaches will provide an awfully precise wreck from the everyday routine in civilization!!
  • Climbing: The Scant, Firmihin, Tinnera, Dersmotin regions, are probably the most well known locations for trekkers. Mountain climbing is for each person and even for those who are much less athletic.
  • Camel back journey: The camel back rides furnish an extra relaxing journey over plateaus and colorful panoramas and mountains.
  • Surf: Socotra has satisfactory conditions for surfing. The great time to come for this activity is for the period of the monsoon season from June as much as late August.
  • Bird staring at tours: Anyone who has a curiosity in birds, this is an exceptional method to view nature and the extremely diverse bird population.
  • Regional boat safaris and fishing: The trip to Shouab beach is a half day tour to detect the fantastic thing about this great destination. While riding the boat, dolphins may also be visible swimming right subsequent to the boat.
  • Snorkel/Scuba dive: Dive and swimming among the many hundreds and hundreds of species of fish and marine existence equivalent to barracudas, monkfish, dolphins, rays and even mantas.

Ghumadan palace, Cisterns of Tawila, National Museum of Yemen, Yemen Military Museum, House of Folklore, Sheba Palace and Masna’at Mariya are the famous places in Yemen to visit.

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