Most Romantic Places in Mexico

Mexico, often known as the land of sombreros, tequila and tortillas is an enchanting country in North America. It has the USA in the north and by Belize in the south. Its climate ranges from temperate to tropical and this is one of the main attractions of the country.It is known for its party-like atmosphere […]

Vacation in Tulum

Vacation in Tulum Mexico is a greater summer and winter getaway. It is a small beach front resort town that is near to Cancun International Airport and very close to Playa Del Carmen resort village also. The Tulum Beach Resort area consists of about fifty-five private villas. One of the most excellent reasons to travel to […]

The Ultimate Vacation at Cancun

Cancun is located on the Caribbean coast of Mexico and popular destination for tourists of spring break travelers. The Ultimate Vacation at Cancun, Mexico by the whole family is a great option as it offers plenty of water sports activities along with horse and bike rides on the beach and swimming with Dolphins. As the Hurricane season […]

Puerto Vallarta Beach

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, is a small town in Mexico where history, culture and nature surround you. Puerto Vallarta beach is the best resort town for a wonderful vacation with family and friends. The beaches in Vallarta are one of the cleanest beaches in Mexico. All beaches in PV are public property and are free for […]

Playa Del Carmen beach

 Playa Del Carmen beach, Mexico is the favorite destinations of most of the tourists because of its amazing beaches and excellent weather and culture. Mexico Palaya Del Carmen is the second largest country among ecosystems.  Tourists in Mexico are mostly attracted by its popular beaches like Cancun and plenty of other coastal regions. Playa Del […]

Oaxaca Coast

There are many fantastic Mexican vacation spots for people to spend their holiday and have fun. And the most pristine beaches are located on the Oaxaca Coast and that is the best place for activities like scuba diving, hiking and golf courses. Considering a holiday to a Mexican vacation destination during the summer months in […]

Isla Holbox beach

Holbox is a beautiful island in the state of Mexico and is the home to thousands of rich birdlife like pelicans, herons and flamingos. Lots of people all over the world visit this magnificent place mainly to experience swimming with the impressive whale shark.        It is a lifetime experience that is safe and which people […]

Cozumel beach

Cozumel Island is located in the Caribbean Sea and the majority of the population lives in a city called San Miguel. The Island of Cozumel beach Mexico is covered by dense forest with a vast variety of animal species. Tourist destinations are safe and friendly and are attracted by its exotic places, sandy beaches and delicious […]

Cabo San Lucas beach

  Cabo San Lucas situated in the Mexican city is an excellent place for people longing for recreation as it is a tropical paradise. This tourist destination is popular for its sparkling beaches, seaside resorts, scuba diving and vibrant aquatic life. There are lots of villas and small houses one can find here to spend […]

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