Brunette beach

Brunette beach is situated in Angola, a country in Central Africa rich in natural resources. The place is rich in oil reserves as well as the diamonds, hydroelectric potential, and rich agricultural land.Brunette beach is also known as PraiaMoreno. Brunette beach is just that kind of place where come to relax and get away from their daily life schedule. Brunette beach is located at a distance of 700 kilometers from south of Luanda, the Angolan capital. This beach has a charming mixture of low-rise apartment blocks on streets made beautiful by the very famous crimson acacia trees.Brunette Beach runs a length of more than 1000 kilometers and is a favorite among all the romantic couples. The expansion of the beach starts in the lower part of the city, close to the government buildings and hotels.

Things to do

Brunette beach

The beautiful location and atmosphere of this beach leads to a must watch sunset. You can spend your time by taking a walk on the beach and enjoying the sunset. Photography lovers will have an amazing time clicking pictures over here. You can also try various water sports and other activities available here. You can try snorkeling and fishing. This beach is spread over a large distance and hence gives up a lot of space for activities like playing volleyball, sunbathing, picnics, live music, discotheque etc. Enjoy the finest seafood at the restaurants located on and around the beach.  This beach is one of the must travel places among all Angolan beach.


This beach has a very picturesque location. Couples usually prefer this place for their honeymoon destinations in Angola. You can also visit other beautiful beaches around Benguela. This is most definitely one of the best beaches in Angola. One of the major attractions is snorkeling as the crystal-clear water contains a good variety of fishes and other colorful fauna.