Noosa Main Beach

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An established beach with loads of things to make your holiday a memorable time, Noosa Main Beach offers not just a great coast, but great food, lot of places to club with your beach-holiday, and luxurious stay options. If you are one of those who seeks a lot of things to do in Noosa this season, this beach is a tourist-packed beach, making it a great place for the group of friends and families. With crystal clear water and white-powdery sand, the beach gives various unique experiences with the aquatic life. From Sunshine Coast Caravan Park to Noosa Groyne, from Noosa north shore to surf spots in Noosa, there are various sunshine coast attractions that would lure you to come try this beach over and over again.

noosa main beach






For kids to have fun with, the ocean has several spots with low waves. From Boogie boarding, paddle boarding to surfing, Noosa Main waves give variety of spots for kids as well as adults to have fun with the sea. Being one of the best beaches in Australia, and having a lot of tourists coming around, accommodation isn’t ever a problem. There is always enough room to fit your band of friends and family people in. Excellent climate, enticing scenery, loads of fun activities, and lot of eat-outs, Noosa Main is surely among some of the most cherished beaches you would have ever visited.