Quiet Beach Vacation in the World

There are times in life when you just need to burry your feet deep into the sand and enjoy the sparkling water sprinkle on your skin. Some perfect best beach getaways can help relaxing you at times. Sometimes all you want to do is appreciate the scenic beauty of nature in a less crowded beach […]

Best Gay Beach Holidays

You might be wandering how gay holiday destinations are different from any other. Well maybe the first, startling difference would lie in the point of acceptability and welcoming. Unlike what many people might think, in spite of the large scale presence of gays and lesbians and awareness regarding the same, they are still not gladly […]

The Beautiful Sunsets on Beach

On a vacation and how can we forget Beautiful sunsets on beach- One of the most amazing experiences in life is watching the sun disappear into the sea as the darkness plays its symphony. Imagine lying casually on the seashore, seeing the sun glide into the never ending waves as you sip in your favorite cocktail. […]

The Least Explored Beaches in India

Most people think that the must-see beaches in India could be found in Kerala and Goa only. While these 2 states have some of the finest shorelines in India, they aren’t the only ones. There are some other beaches in less known areas which are untouched and less packed, ideal for some peace time. Here […]

Most Exotic White Sand Beaches

Does cool climate have you longing for a warm shoreline in an intriguing area? Sun, sand, and surf entice the winter-tired to appreciate glorious fun and unwinding. Welcome to best white sand beaches where the shimmering water meets lovely sugary-white sand. At one point in time, everybody has longed for going to a white sandy […]

Best Black Sand Beaches in the World

Does best black sand beaches attract you? Most of the people, while imagining themselves on a beach, think about the shiny-white or sunny-gold sand, right? But what about those beautiful beaches with black-as-night sandy shoreline with black sands beach? Regardless, these shorelines do exist, still trying to know where are black sand beaches? Thus, whenever […]

Most Striking Clearwater Beaches

With miles and miles of white sand stretching in front of your eyes as crystal clear water pounds softly upon the shore, Clearwater beaches have the ability of mesmerising visitors from all over the world. Clear water beaches are an ultimate attraction to everyone who wants to take a dip into the enchanting beauty of […]

Best Beaches in Costa Rica

Why should you choose best beaches in Costa Rica? Over the previous decade, Costa Rica has emerged as the new beach-heaven for those who are always on a lookout for the unexplored Costa Rica best Beaches. What was previously the rough area of surfers and explorers now draws in an unfaltering stream of swimmers, surfers, boarders […]

Al Sawadi Beach

Overlooking the beautiful Indian Ocean and Sawadi islands, Al Sawadi Beach Resort and Spa redefines the grandeur living amidst the nature. A graceful construction on one of the most beautiful beaches in Oman, this resort is a noteworthy get away for the solace lovers from around the world. Popularly known for having the best diving spots […]

Al Ghariya Beach

Take out some time from the jarring way of life of the city and loosen up a bit in nature’s tranquillity at Al Ghariya Resort – a fabulous resort created on 64 sections of land of a perfectly replicated island – with serene surroundings to sooth your brain, body & soul. Separated from its area […]

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