Most romantic places in Barbados

The island country of Barbados is a dreamy vacation destination for couples apart from being an independent British Commonwealth nation. Surrounded by the waters of the Caribbean Sea, the natural beauty and warm tropical climate of Barbados attracts many visitors throughout the year. Additionally, the vibrant culture along with the unique places to explore within […]

South Miami beach

South Miami beach is the hottest new kid on the block in the state. It is away from the maddening tourist rush of the beach towns and the urban jungle that defines big cities. In its place you will find a secluded community of warm and friendly people with a laid back atmosphere. It is […]

North Miami beach

North Miami Beach, also commonly known as NMB is an interesting place to be. Previously known as Fulford, it is today well known as both a tourist spot in Southern Florida as well as an excellent residential area for people to live in. What aids NMB hail as a truly excellent spot is its connectivity […]

Miami Beach

People looking for a great vacation spot need to look no further than Miami Beach. It has everything one could hope for and more. It combines the laid back beach town feel with urban glossiness and all modern amenities. Previously a winter wonderland for tourists, it has now graduated to being a tourist hotspot the […]

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