Dahlak Kebir Beach

Dahlak Kebir beach

Dahlak Kebir beach is the largest of the dahlak islands. The line of beaches is situated in the red sea off of the coast of Eritrea. The beaches were before known as the dahlak deset. The overall city has the population of around 2500. The people around the place are mainly involved in fishing, sea cucumber collection and tourism.

Things to be done on Dahlak Kebir Beach

Dahlak Kebir beach

Eritrea beaches are known for the fossils that they have on the beaches. As well as the other sea plants and animals are searched for.  Other things that can be done at the beaches are searching or take a look at the pre-Islamic ruins at Adel, the other wildlife and mangrove swamps. People usually take ferries to link between island and the Massawa as well as other several islands. Or people usually walk, jog or run by the coast. They enjoy the waves by the coast, dine by the sea facing clubs or bars, surf in the water or simply take photographs of the beautiful view.


Apart from the beach attractions, dahlak marine national park, also known as Dahlac Marine National Park is one of the other places that one should visit. It is the home for many abandoned wildlife creatures. It is also the house for thousands of fish and its species. There are not many who disturbs the internal environment of the park such that it gives protection to all the ones residing there. Another interesting thing that one can go for is the scuba diving sport. There are professional tutors who teach scuba diving for all water lovers. Excited by the sport scuba diving? Then why waste time, select the best time of the year to visit, book the tickets and fly off to this place and have amazing holidays.