L’Ile de Riou Marseille Beach

Best known for being an uninhabited and preserved island, L’Ile de Riou Marseille beach is accessible to its visitors only through boats. This island beach has several unique features making it an amazing beach experience.

Things to do at L’Ile de Riou Marseille beach

L'Ile de Riou Marseille beach

The thing making this beach most popular is its diving, which many of the tourists believe to be making this beach one among the best beaches in France. Uninhabited, this beach pulls people for its serenity, peace and silent explorations. Sea on all the sides brings beaches and rocks to the view of the tourists and the photographers. The island falls in the south of Marseille and is an attraction for the lovers of mountain terrains with blue water-view. Around 2 Km and 500 metres in dimensions, this island offers peaks as high as 192 metres to help climbers get a 360 view. The beach offers a long coastline for the explorers and travelers through boat in the water and walk around the beach. The beach forms a great spot for romantic getaways due to its secluded form and distance from the urban crowd.

Attractions near L’Ile de Riou Marseille beach

L'Ile de Riou Marseille beach

While someone wishes to have an elongated beach holiday in France, another good idea would be to join the Island of Jarre, Island of Jarron, Island Plane, Maire Island and Moyade Island along with the trip to Riou. The tourists would receive a rich range of flora and fauna on this island. Another attractive aspect of this island is that it is a rich bed of aquatic life with some exotic fishes and species. Monasterio Creek is the most popular and visited creek of the island. Also, another interesting fact about Riou Marseille beach island is that despite being uninhabited, there are some ruins found at several places due to the historical Neolithic society that once lived there. The collection of archeology along with natural sights makes this beach fall in the list of best beaches in France.