Important Tips to Know Before Traveling to Germany

Germany has a rich history which is narrated by colorful monuments, castles as well as natural beauty. Its landscapes, forests and mountains attract many a nature lover. Food and beer are also things that attract visitors. It is known for beer and Germans mainly drink beer. There are more than 1300 breweries operating and more […]

5 Exotic Beaches in Germany you should not miss

Although Germany as a country is not very famous for its beaches, it has a few noteworthy ones where you can go for a vacation. Surrounded by the Baltic Sea and the North Sea, Germany has adequate shoreline that is dotted rustic beaches that have golden sands with pristine waters. If you are planning to […]

Most Romantic Places in Germany

Germany is just the right place to be in for couples! Sizzling weather, excruciating environment , beautiful moments captures, Germany is a land of beauty! Just indulge yourself in the sensational surrounding of Germany and you will find out many ways in which Germany can amaze you.  Road trips in Germany are quite romantic and […]

Hiddensee Beach

          Popularly known as the sunniest places with full-sun most of the day, Hiddensee island is also known as ‘a sweet little isle’. The beach not just has sandy stretches, but has salt marshes and craggy cliffs. It’s boundary is beautified with pine trees giving great scope for photography and relaxation. The […]

Juist beach

          Called as the ‘magic land of the Wadden sea’, this 17km long coastline is also close to the North sea. The significant piece of information about Juist beach is that it lies on the land which is counted as a National Heritage site by UNESCO. The place is not a […]

Rugen beach

          Established on the Island of Rugen, which is known to be the largest island of Germany, Rugen beach makes a perfect place for a beach holiday or a romantic getaway. Located on the Pomeranian coast of the Baltic sea, Rugen island is not just counted as one of the best […]

Kniepsand Beach

          Adding a magnificently white powdery beach to the Amrum Island, Kniepsand makes one of the best beaches in Germany by making a long coastline around North German Sea and the South region of Sylt. Sand dunes all over the edge of the beach and vegetation covering the boundaries, this beach […]

Kampen Beach

          Established at the Island of Sylt, Kampen had been a spot of ancient fascination. Now, this sylt beach of 40-Km long coastline simply mesmerizes the viewer enough to take a dip in the cool and blue water. Shallow sea-water with rich waves give the first glimpse of the beach. Kampen […]

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