5 Exotic Beaches in Germany you should not miss

Although Germany as a country is not very famous for its beaches, it has a few noteworthy ones where you can go for a vacation. Surrounded by the Baltic Sea and the North Sea, Germany has adequate shoreline that is dotted rustic beaches that have golden sands with pristine waters. If you are planning to visit the country anytime soon and wish to spend a relaxing day at the beach then listed below are some exotic beaches in Germany that you should not miss.

Binz Beach

The Binz Beach is located in the RügenIsland of Germany which is one of its biggest islands. This beach is known for its sunny weather and is reported to receive around 1800 hours of sunshine every year which makes it one of the hottest beaches of the country. It is surrounded by beautiful old beech forests and rugged cliffs which makes it an ideal place for hiking and trekking. These trails also allow for breath-taking views of the turquoise waters. The island has a 60 km shoreline and boasts of shades boulevards, cafes and ancient buildings that add to it magical charm.

Lubmin Beach

Located along the shores of the Baltic Sea, the Lubmin Beach was originally a small fishing village. Today it is known to be the only nude beach in Germany. So, if you want to get a nice uniform tan then you can spend some relaxing time on the beach without any clothes. September is probably the best month to visit this beach because of the pleasant weather. You can enjoy water sports or go for a short hike in the adjoining pine forests. You can also engage in other outdoor activities such as horseback riding and fishing.


One of the most peculiar beaches in Germany is along the shores of Usedom Island located along the Baltic Sea. This beach is popular because of a strange phenomenon known as the “Singing Sands”. The name has been given due to the strange noises emanated when the grains of sand rub again each other when the wind conditions are right creating a cacophony of sounds. This part of the country receives a lot of sun and offers picturesque views of the Baltic Sea. It also has some well-known spas and restaurants around the beach where you can spend some relaxing time. You can head to Weltziele.de to know more about the unique experiences at Usedom Island and similar places in Germany.


The island of Sylt has some of the most exotic beaches in Germany. Also known as the “Queen of North Sea”, the island of Sylt is located in the middle of the Wadden Sea and is also a UNESCO world heritage site. This island has everything you can hope for a perfect vacation by the beach. There are many beachside resorts available for stay along with some restaurants offering mouth-watering cuisines. Sylt has shifting sand dunes and wide shores from where you can view some stunning sunsets. Additionally, you can go hiking in and around the island and indulge in its thrilling night life.

Langeoog Beach

Langeoog Beach is one of the least crowded beaches of North Western Germany. The government does not allow cars here so you’ll have to explore the place on bicycles or horse carriages. The beach is famous for its shiny golden sands and beautiful blue waters which is ideal for people looking for a relaxing beachside vacation with less crowd. You can also explore the Lower Saxony Wadden Sea National Park and the Langeoog Maritime Museum which are among the other interesting places around the beach.