Most Romantic Places in Jamaica

An island country in the Caribbean Sea, it was originally inhabited by the Taino and Arawak people before coming under Spanish rule. From beautiful beaches to falls to mountains you will find Jamaica a great place to spend a holiday with your beloved. If you are planning on popping the question, then this beautiful Caribbean island is the perfect place to do so. See our list of most romantic places in Jamaica and you won’t be disappointed!

Lime Cay

A sandbar or a small island, whichever way you want to see it, Lime cay is located 2 miles away from the southern coats of Jamaica. White sand, clear blue water and palm trees is what you get here. You can take a small boat to this island and grab a picnic to enjoy the place. Swim and play in the shallow warm waters as you enjoy the tropical weather with your partner. Lime cay is easily one of the most romantic places in Jamaica and you will love your very own desert island.

Blue Mountain Peak and Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park

Blue Mountain is the highest point on this island nation and on a clear day, one can see Cuba from the summit. It is one of the must see places in Jamaica as the views are truly magnificent. Some people walk and follow the well marked paths at night to see the sunrise from the top. It is located inside the Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park, which is a UNESCO world heritage site. The national park has some of the world’s best natural wonders. Sparkling waterfalls, vibrant fauna and verdant hills are what you find. There are trails where you can go for nature walks with your partner and enjoy the tranquility. The park is one of the most beautiful places in Jamaica for couples.

Blue lagoon

Located on the northeast side of Portland, the Blue Lagoon is actually a lagoon. This was featured in the Brooke Shields movie. The place is surrounded by lush green woods and the vibrant hue is achieved because an underground river joins the sea. You can go swimming in the tranquil waters or take a boat to float under the vegetation if you want to propose or just get some one on one romantic time in one of the most beautiful places in Jamaica for couples.

YS Falls and Black River

The YS Falls located in St Elizabeth is a seven series waterfall which has natural cool blue pools. The water flows down from a height of 120 ft to create a romantic backdrop, making this one of the best couple places in Canada. Walk along the shaded paths and walkways or relax near the water with a picnic. You can go swimming with your partner in one of the pools to cool off or go ziplining in this area as well. Take a boat safari on the Black River or go river tubing. These places aren’t too crowded so make the most of the privacy.

Blue Hole

Located in the north coast, this feature is a natural wonder. The pristine pool with blue water is surrounded by tropical vegetation. The pool is fed by a waterfall and this is one place where an inland water hole has such blue water. It is a naturally beautiful spot and one of the most romantic places in Jamaica. If you bring your partner early in the morning, then you will find the spot secluded enough. You can relax and swim in the pretty spot to enjoy the time with your partner or spouse.

Doctor’s Cave Beach

Overlooking the Montego Bay, this beach is named after a coastal cave. This cave no longer exists as it was destroyed by a hurricane. The Doctor’s Cave beach is a part of a marine park and hence is home to corals and marine organisms. The place is beautiful, and couples can sunbathe, snorkel or swim the area.

Martha Brae and Rio Grande

Nature loving couples will like the adventure on Martha Brae river. Go on a traditional boat made of bamboo and explore the picturesque beauty. You can just float along the river, surrounded by tropical greenery and relax in the ambience. The Rio Grande is one of the coolest honeymoon spots in Jamaica that you can explore with your spouse. Go on a raft to cruise through the river and just relax with company. Explore shopping near by for trending Jewellery and local art/craft items.

Mystic Mountain

Looking fir some adventure? Go to Mystic mountain! The Rainforest Bobsled will give you enough thrills. It is a roller coaster like ride that goes through the tree canopies and forests and a water pool. Take a tranopy tour or chill in the infinity pool with your beloved. One can also take the chairlift – Sky Explorer – to enjoy stunning vistas.

Mineral Springs and Mayfield Falls

Checking out the Mineral Springs and Mayfield Falls are one of the most romantic things to do in Jamaica. The biosphere reserve has a lot of fantastic views and great natural ambience. Plunge pools and waterfalls make it an exciting place for nature lovers. Immerse in the mineral spring waters or just relax on the riverside gazebos with your partner by your side.

Jamaica is a beautiful tropical country where you can get the sun and the sand as soak in the wonderful warm atmosphere with your partner.