Tips to Travel Safely in 2020 as the Epidemic is slowly abating

The pandemic was declared earlier this year and people were rapidly falling prey to the infection. Most countries declared a lockdown – that is a complete shutdown of normal activities while people were asked to stay at home. The virus didn’t have a cure and the speed with which it was spreading was a cause for concern. Flights were grounded and travel was suspended. Fleets of planes were seen parked at airports, nowhere to go. However, now that the epidemic slowly abates, places are opening up and travel is resuming. However, there are actions one needs to take to travel safely in 2020. Such safety measures are necessary while moving about, as we wait to find the cure for the Covid-19 virus.

Try short distances

If you need to move around, try to make it to a nearby place. The longer the distance, the higher is the risk. With shorter distances, you can be alert and be on guard to protect yourself adequately. For example, travel to the next town over will take less time and be much safer as compared to travelling to another country. If you take your own car, you are comparatively safer than going on a public mode of transport like a commercial airplane.

Book a proper hotel

If you need to stay away from home, try booking a good hotel. The ratings on cleanliness and earlier visitors’ experiences must be reviewed before you make a booking. A reputed hotel will give clear notification on the measures they have taken to keep the building and rooms clean as well as ensuring that the staff and guests are well protected. Sanitized lobbies and lift areas are always better than a hotel where hygiene isn’t a priority.

Ensure clean sheets and towels

Wherever you are staying, make sure your sheets and towels are cleaned and replaced regularly. They are usually washed in hot water and that kills the virus and germs. Properly laundered and stored items do reduce the risks of transmission and infection. Because you cannot clean the hotel room to your satisfaction, you will have to depend on the hotel’s promise of a clean and safe environment.

Wash and sanitize

travel safely in 2020

Once you reach a resting place like a hotel room or your house, you will need to wash up. The best practice could be to take a hot shower and putting your clothes in the wash. Don’t, under any circumstance put your used clothes on your bed or in the closet. Keep it in a separate area if you cannot wash them immediately. Sanitize surfaces such as bags if you have any as you may need to touch it later. You need to sanitize your mask as well if you are reusing it. A fabric and mask disinfectant spray can make your job easier. Aroma floreeze spray is such an innovative product made up of herbs and lactic acid bacteria that keeps you away from infections.

Protect yourself

Take all measure necessary to protect yourself at all times. It doesn’t mean being on your toes at all times, but it does mean being generally alert. Try to maintain the recommended distance from others while in public and cover your mouth while coughing or sneezing. Don’t touch surfaces unnecessarily and be safe.

Follow safety rules

Follow the rules for travel safely in 2020. There are states, regions and countries, each with their own set of rules. These rules relate to travel, quarantine and behaving in public. While some countries have strictly enforced lockdown, some are allowing places to open up, some require people to go out with masks while some haven’t made this mandatory. But wherever you are travelling, you need to be aware of the rules that are in effect at that time.