Most Romantic Places in Macedonia

We have read about the historical importance of the Balkans region during wars. It is blessed with nature’s best mountain ranges and flat plateau regions, literally giving it a depiction of heaven on earth. But thanks to the media, this region is not as commercialised as the rest of Europe. So, if you are looking for a romantic getaway to a serene, unpublicised location, Macedonia is the place to be in the Balkans.

Strategically placed between the popular Bulgaria, Albania and Greece, Macedonia oozes the cultural transformation from the oldest Soviet’s to the newest Europeans. It is the epicentre of the great empires of history, amalgamated, giving rise to one of the most ethnically rich countries of the world. This place has seen the rise and fall of the great realms such as the Ottoman, Roman, Greek, Persian, Serbian, Soviet and the most recent one European. The traces of these realms can still be found at Macedonia in the form of many heritage sites. At these sites, you can indulge in thespian conversations with the locals and share their passion for life and love. If you are with your lover, you can spend hours here at outdoor cafes overlooking some of the most beautiful scenes from nature over a cup of steaming hot coffee and curls of smoke from a cigarette.

So, if you are considering the Balkans for your next holiday, ensure that you visit the most romantic places in Macedonia. To help you set your itinerary, here are a few Macedonia’s famous places;

Mavrovo National Park

Most Romantic Places in Macedonia
Macedonia is a small country. It is the size of one of the smallest countries in USA, Vermount. Blessed with the nature’s best, Macedonia has a beautiful national park with a wide number of species, to help you spend an afternoon of thrill and excitement. This park is one of the most famous honeymoon destinations in Macedonia for couples who love nature. This park has the highest mountain peak in the region, making it a hotspot for climbers during summers. In winters, these snow-clad mountain ranges are quite popular among the skiing crowd. Apart from the mountains, this national park also has the popular Lake Mavrovo with its unique attraction of St. Nicholas’s half submerged church that can be viewed from the banks. It stretches up to 10 kilometres, making it one of the top things to do in Mavrovo.


Most Romantic Places in Macedonia
Ohrid, tops the Macedonia places to visit list. This is a picture-perfect destination for people in love. This historic town is rated a UNESCO world heritage site with structures dated back to the 4th Century BC. This place has descendants from the Greek Dassaretae and the Illyrian Tribes giving it a unique cultural twist. One of the most popular ruins in this area is the Samuel’s Fortress which was built during the Tsar Samuel’s reign. It was built to protect the town from the invaders during the first Bulgarian realm. If the question of what to see in Ohrid apart from the historic structures runs in your mind, you can take a walk on the cobalt streets overlooking the turquoise waters of the lake surrounded by old houses, now serving as outdoor cafes to give you a perfect lazy afternoon.


Most Romantic Places in Macedonia
Yet another, most romantic places in Macedonia is its capital itself. Skopje is a great amalgamation of the historic era and the communist one. Being the heart of the trade route in the Balkans, Skopje till date is Europe’s most important exporting centre for chemical and machinery worldwide. It has a lively urban feel with streets hustling with people having a great time at the local bars, shopping or just taking a mid-afternoon nap at one of the outdoor cafes. This place was ruled by multiple realms such as the Ottoman, Romans and the Serbians, giving the city its unique structure with artistic architecture. One of the must-see places in Skopje is the Porta Macedonia square. This place is the hub of all celebrations, especially the glittering night on the 8th of September to celebrate their Independence Day.


Most Romantic Places in Macedonia
If the scenes from a movie themed around the medieval ages with towers on mountain tops and winding cobbled streets is thrilling for you, then you must visit Kratovo. This beautiful village is located near an extinct Volcano site on the slopes of Mount Osogovomaking it ones of the famous places of Macedonia. This place is known for its tall bridges and towers, making it a picture from a postcard themed around the middle ages. Being a small town amidst nowhere, the locals are very friendly and always excited to help tourists. Well, the help is usually appealing to people who understand their Kumanovo- Kratovo dialect.

Heraclea Lyncestis

Most Romantic Places in Macedonia
One of the beautiful places to see in Macedonia is the Heraclea Lynkestis. This place has a fascinating history for the mythology lovers. It is said that here is where the Greek Gods resided, once upon a time. This town has been named by Zeus himself after his son, Hercules. This town was later taken over by the Romans and divided in two parts, one used for trading ad useful in the Balkan era and the other to build the great structures such as the Roman theatre, used for entertainment during the realm of Antoninus Pius. If you like to take a walk down the magical lane where the Gods and Goddess resides, this makes it as the most romantics places in Macedonia.

With such beautiful locations, rich with history and culture, you cannot afford to miss your Macedonia travel plan. There are many couples only places in Macedonia too, wherein you can either cruise in the rivers of Mavrovo or walk down the cobalt streets of Ohrid. Apart from these mentioned locations you can also visit places such as Struga, which is though by the side of the lake feels like a seaside retreat. Then, there is Matka Canyons for the adventure enthusiasts, here you can explore 5000 hectares of land for the best canyoning experience in the whole of Europe.