Nouakchott Beach


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Off on an African trip? Let’s take a tour to one of the best places in the continent. Going in the western region of the country, we halt at Mauritania for holidays. It is a country in Maghreb region of western North Africa. The country is officially the Islamic Republic of Mauritania. The country is the eleventh largest country in Africa. The country has amazing location because it is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean on the west; Moroccan controlled Western Sahara in the north.  The Mauritania Beaches are one heck of the amazing beaches out of which Nouakchott beach is the simply breathtaking. The Nouakchott is said to be the largest city of Sahara as well as the people resort to economic and administrative works. Nouakchott beach is one of the mauritania beach to enjoy mauritania holidays.

Things to do at Nouakchott Beach

Nouakchott Beach

The city usually experiences hot and desert like climate with hot temperatures throughout the year. This becomes very annoying and for the same reason people resort at their homes or hotels or the air conditioned malls and stores. Obviously in the evenings they do take a walk at the beach, enjoy the sunset and the waves moving. The back of the beaches are dense with the green forests, the white sand, sunset, waters and the land and water meeting view leaves people drop their jaws. And it calls for lot of photographers. Nouakchott Beach serve you the best time.


The city has the only international airport in the whole country which is why it is cherished as well as visited manier times. Usually the people of the city are said to be the nomads and do not reside at one place but move. The tents that they set up sometimes become an attraction for the tourists. It is said that the city hosts many different types of markets out of which University of Nouakchott is mostly visited. The markets,  best beaches, the clubs, the people and the club are it’s in treasure.