Basic expenses of living in Sittard, Limburg – 2021

Now that you have successfully relocated to Sittard, Limburg in Netherlands, there are other fascinating to talk about. Most important and unexciting being expenses. Living in another city means a lot of expenditure monthly on food, groceries, transport, etc. Here we have tried to clarify few basic expenses of living in Sittard that you will incur as you strive to begin your new life here. Let us have a look at them.

1. Housing

Housing is quite expensive in Sittard, Limburg, owing to its old and artistic architecture. Home for a single family of three or four costs around 300,000 Euros. Renting is another reasonable option that expats choose which makes it easier for them to manage their finances, instead of buying a house in a new country. A one bedroom apartment can be rented at 500 to 600 Euros per month. There are also special hostels for expats at cheaper rates available.

2. Travel

Buses and taxis are a common sight in Sittard. The public transport service is pretty good and cheap as well. A one way ticket for local transport is barely 1.80 Euros. Taxis function at 3.00 Euros per kilometre. A lot of people also prefer to use their own bicycles for shorter distances, thus reducing the travel expenses further. There are plenty of travel places and beautiful beaches in Netherlands to explore, so you can plan for some extra expenses.

3. Monthly utilities

Basic monthly utilities include regular usage services such as electricity, water, garbage collection, heating and cooling appliances, etc. A combination of these per month can cost up to 112 Euros, which is a fairly reasonable price for a single family. Since internet is also part of our daily necessities nowadays, it is also included in basic monthly utilities. Internet is available at 42 Euros per month. So basically wat kost een verhuizing which means what does a move cost? In Dutch of course.

4. Education

Since Netherlands is a part of the European Union, they favour others like them too. So if you belong to a country from the European Union, then your tuition fees will be much lower than others. The charge a nominal rate of 700 to 2,100 Euros per academic year. However, if one belongs to the non-European Union, then the discrepancy in the fee structure will amaze you. For non EU students, the fees are 6000 to 15,000 Euros for a Bachelor’s degree and 8000 to 20,000 for a Master’s degree. Some private universities charge as much as 30,000 Euros per academic year. So the educational expenses of living in Sittard is really high when it comes to education.

5. Food

Life in Sittard, Limburg is quite simple, with a lot of students who have moved here from other countries and states. The students have to pay around 150 to 170 Euro per month for food and also to buy groceries. There are some cheap supermarkets like Lidi, Aldi and Albert Heijn. Bigger cities incur more such expenses as they style of living changes and the standard rises.

Sittard, Limburg has an average salary of 52 Euros. But even then their cost of living is pretty high and very happy. It is always a novel experience to move to another city or country and start afresh. If you have got this opportunity then make the most of it by saving up for vacations and making good use of the salary earned in Sittard, Limburg.