5 Beautiful Travel Destinations in Peru not to be missed

Travel enthusiasts have different levels of energy and dedication. Planning a perfect trip takes a lot of effort, funds, and time. Peru should be your call if you want to go to a country of diverse landscapes. Among so many options, Peru has fantastic versatility. Whether historic ruins, canyons, lip-smacking delicacies, handicrafts to breathtaking remnants, […]

6 Must Visit Places in Peru for Family Vacation

From the breath-taking landscapes to the Incas Empire ruins, Peru has everything that can make your family vacation so happening. A family vacation to Peru is the best thing you can gift them this holiday season. Peru, located in South America, has its border shared with Brazil in its east, Columbia in its north and […]

Paracas beach

A very popular beach resort destination is the town Paracas in the department of Ica. Ica paracas is surrounded by beautiful dry dessert hills. The climate is dry and humid but that doesn’t pull back the travelers from having luxury beach vacations. You can take a direct bus from Lima and drop into this mesmerizing […]

El Paraiso beach

On the central coast of Peru in the Chillon Valley. Surrounded by barren desert lands, El paraiso is a river valley which provides rich resources.  A paradise that justifies its name- playa paraiso. This paradise is surrounded by mountain ranges, hills, and is quite close to a pond which makes it very attractive as this […]

Mancora beach Peru

Mancora is a beach resort in the north western Peru of the Piuera region. The main street of Mancora is the pan american Highway. From among the best beaches of peru is the Mancora beach which gets the best reviews from travelers from around the world. Turquoise water and lovely white sands makes it perfect […]

Puerto Inca Beach

Lima is the capital of Peru which is known for its Spanish colonial city centre, delicious cuisine and eye catching museum. Lima has a large number of alluring beaches.  One such place is Puerto Inca beach. Puerto Inca is a peaceful quiet beach side ruin of the port of the Inca empire. On the way […]

Playa Bahía Honoratos

Going for a vacation needs lots of preparation. Peru beach vacation is a great idea for relaxing and rejuvenating. Peru is one such place whose main attraction is the beaches. It is a western South American country. The population of peru includes Asians, Europeans, Amerindians and Africans. You will find a mixture of all the […]

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