6 Must Visit Places in Peru for Family Vacation

From the breath-taking landscapes to the Incas Empire ruins, Peru has everything that can make your family vacation so happening. A family vacation to Peru is the best thing you can gift them this holiday season. Peru, located in South America, has its border shared with Brazil in its east, Columbia in its north and Ecuador. Though Peru is not only a holiday destination just to relax, you get several new experiences. Everyone has reasons to enjoy themselves in Peru: teens, tweens or little ones. Here are six must visit places in Peru with your family on your next vacation.


Located in the midst of the Andes Mountains in Southeastern Peru, Cusco was the capital of the Incan Empire. When you are in Peru, some places you must visit include, The Cusco Cathedral, Sacsayhuaman, the archaeological ruins of the Incan empire, the Inca complex, and, Coricancha. Enlist your name for a free Walking Tour Cusco and enjoy the archaeological wonders around the city.

Machu Pichu

Machu Pichhu, one of the iconic places in Peru, is home to the Incan ruins. What you can do is plan hiking and explore the ruins. Machu Pichu has worldwide fame for its spectacular beauty and remains. During the 15th century, Machu Pichu was established in the Andes. But after some time, it was abandoned. The dry walls keep attracting tourists across the globe. Some must-visit places include Putucusi, the Temple of the Moon, Sayacmarca and more.


Known as the busy capital of Peru, Lima has everything to make it a perfect tourist attraction. Museums, bars, and Colonial buildings like the Basilica and Convent of San Francisco are worth paying a visit to. Lima is the largest South American city known for its 16th-century cathedral and several key attractions. With its enriched historical background and happening nightlife, Lima is one of the must visit places in Peru when you are planning a trip here with friends and family.


The salt mines at Maras date back to the Incan times and have a significant share of Peruvian history. Located in the Urubamba Valley, or the Sacred Valley of the Incas, Maras, is one of the most important attractions of Peru. The salt mines of Maras have always been popular. Through the surrounding trails, you can witness the beauty of this spot from all directions.

Paracas National Reserve

Paracas National Reserve has an exceptional natural beauty with various wild animals and migratory birds. You can chill by the shores of these pristine beaches. The animals have their natural habitats here and around 65 archaeological sites, which you can explore.

Cordillera Blanca

Are you a climber or want to try something different from just roaming around the city? The range of Cordillera Blanca, with its 722 glaciers, has plenty of opportunities to be climbed up. As a climber, you may hone your skills by reaching the summit of Huandoy.

What is the perfect time to visit Peru?

If you want to go for Cusco or Machu Pichu Trek, the time from May to September is ideal. As it’s the dry season, you can visit all the attractions without hassle. From December to March, during summer, Peru is one of the wettest seasons with heavy showers.

To Conclude

Several cultures are there in Peru, adding up to the historical significance of the country. Besides, the local people in Peru, the Peruvians, love kids, and if you are travelling even with a toddler, the country is safe. Safety, good food, amazing places to visit and lovely people, what more do you want to have on a holiday? So, book your tickets to Peru and keep exploring!