Most Romantic Places in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is one of the largest islands in the Caribbean. One can find water sports, beaches and adventures. The colourful food and culture are vibrant. A fun fact is that Bacardi rum is produced here. You can have fun with your partner in the most romantic places in Puerto Rico – a Caribbean paradise. […]

Seven Seas beach

The Seven Seas public beach is frequented by locals as well as tourists who want to discover he natural beauty of Puerto Rico. Located on the northeastern coast of the country near the town of Fajardo, the Seven Seas beach is one of the nicest beach in Puerto Rico. With its crescent shape, white sand […]

Luquillo beach

Located in the northeast coast of Puerto Rico, Luquillo is a municipality whose  economy mainly hrives on tourism and perhaps this is why the authorities have taken extra care of its facilities to ensure the comfort of the travelers. For those wishing to visit the white sand beaches, Puerto Rico, Luquillo beach is the perfect […]

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