Most Romantic Places in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is one of the largest islands in the Caribbean. One can find water sports, beaches and adventures. The colourful food and culture are vibrant. A fun fact is that Bacardi rum is produced here. You can have fun with your partner in the most romantic places in Puerto Rico – a Caribbean paradise.

San Juan

most romantic places in Puerto Rico
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San Juan has a lot to offer couples. Start with the beautiful Paseo de la Princesa where you can find displays by local artists. Sit by the San Juan bay while holding hands and look out to the sea. The old town has a lot of good things. The San Juan Gate, the San Juan Cathedral and Calle Cristo are places to watch out for. Grab a seat in one of the outdoor cafes and enjoy food with the weather. Couples can also go on the free trolley and then go to Playa Pena. Pena is a rugged beach where you can find sea glass. San Juan has multiples places and food options for you and your partner making it one of the romantic getaways in Puerto Rico.

Sample Bacardi Rum

Bacardi Rum Puerto Rico
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A trip to the Bacardi Rum factory is one of the must see places in Puerto Rico. This internationally famous spirit is an absolute must-try. Take a distillery tour of Casa Bacardi and the tasting session. This lasts around 90- minutes and you can sample the different types of rum and even get some unique and limited editions as well. You can see the rum-making process in the factory. If you really loved it then you can also take a quick class to make cocktails in San Juan. The Bacardi trip can be super fun.

Mosquito Bay

most romantic places in puerto rico
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One of a kind, Mosquito Bay is a beach on Vieques Island. It becomes bioluminescent and bright because of the planktons or organisms. The water is lit up at night because of them and you will love the bright blue over the water. This phenomenon is quite magical and couples will love it. This is one of the romantic things to do in Puerto Rico with your partner. What’s more, you can go kayaking in the Bioluminescent bay on a night kayaking tour with a guide in one of the most romantic places in Puerto Rico.

Camuy River Cave Park

Caves in Puerto rico
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One of the largest subterranean caves, this park is a spectacular sight. It stretches beneath the surface of the island and gives you a chance to see the ancient caves. The beautiful formations underground and the deep caves can be explored with a tour guide. A must see place in Puerto Rico, you must make time to see this million year old cavern below the ground.

El Yunque National Forest

Most romantic places in Puerto Rico
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Located in the northeast, El Yunque is a lush and beautiful rainforest which protected by the US forest service. Explore the place through the walks and hiking trails to experience the tropical forests. There are plenty of waterfalls and gorgeous views throughout the forest. There are more than 200 species of plants and animals and you can catch the most stunning waterfalls here.

Vieques Island

Vieques Island Puerto Rico
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Off the east coast lies the Vieques island, the second largest island in the country. If you are looking for some peace and quiet along a coastal region then, this is the place. Rustic beaches greet you along with isolated stretches of sand where you can get some quiet, private time with your partner. Lounge in the sun on the sand while holding hands or stealing kisses in privacy. It is one of the most beautiful places in Puerto Rico for couples.

Dinner and dance

popular food in Puerto Rico
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This is the land of salsa where you can learn to dance with your partner. Have fun moving to peppy tunes as you hold your partner really close. Try out the local cuisine or some world famous restaurants that offer fusion cuisine. The local food is delicious and you will not regret trying some.

Swim with turtles in Rincon

Rincon Beach Puerto Rico
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The sleepy town of Rincon on the western part of the island is an undiscovered haven with very few tourists. You can see the sunset from the Punta Higuero Lighthouse and enjoy the romantic atmosphere. The lighthouse overlooks the Domes beach where you can go for a walk as well. Rincon also attracts sea turtles during nesting season. You can swim with these gentle creatures. There is also the Steps beach where you can spot turtles as well.

Flamenco Beach

Most romantic places in puerto rico
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The island of Culebra has many beautiful pieces of coastal land where you can also find the Flamenco Beach. Aesthetically beautiful, this beach is great for snorkelling. The one-mile strip of sand has kiosks for food, chairs and umbrellas for rent and even showers and bathrooms can be found here. The water is a pretty shade of turquoise and the amenities are good in this couple place in Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico is a great place for a couple’s vacation and you can let loose with your partner here. The most romantic places in Puerto Rico offer you a great holiday along with some exciting things to do in North America during your trip.