Popular Places to visit in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is an Asian country located in the Arabian Peninsula. Most part of the country is desert and mountains along with coastlines in both the Red sea and the Persian Gulf. Saudi Arabia is the land which provides the backdrop for the popular story of Arabian Nights. It is the land that witnessed the rise and fall of several ancient cultures and civilizations. Hence, today it represents a part of those cultures in the form of its general lifestyle and festivals. If you want to witness the rich culture heritage and mouth-watering cuisines of the Arabian people then you should definitely come here for a vacation. Listed below are some popular places to visit in Saudi Arabia.


popular places to visit in Saudi Arabia
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The second largest city of Saudi Arabia, Jeddah, is a complete cosmopolitan delight. Cafes, museums and art galleries which are dotted all across Jeddah speak of its rich history. If you’re a fan of good art, then you should definitely pay a visit to the Athr Gallery which mainly focuses on contemporary art forms. It hold several events and exhibitions throughout the year to display beautiful photographs, sculptures and other art works which are rare. The Fatima Al Zahra Mosque, also known as the floating mosque, in Jeddah is one of the most popular places to visit in Saudi Arabia. This mosque is built in such a way that it appears to be floating on the waters of the Red Sea during high tide. It is a spiritual place of worship which is very well known for its architecture.


popular places to visit in Saudi Arabia
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The bustling lanes of Riyadh are the heartbeat of Saudi Arabia. Riyadh is the capital of Saudi Arabia and is known for being a modern as well as a cultural hub. If you are travelling from the east, you can take a flight to Dubai and then travel from Dubai to Riyadh either by air or by road. The Al Masmak Fort is a popular attraction in the city which offers a glimpse in to the lives of the various historic rulers of the place. Made of bricks and mud, this fort has surprisingly beautiful interiors with a display of artefacts belonging to the past. You should visit the Deerah Souq, which is an old marketplace, if you want to witness the unique Arabian culture up close. Several shops located along narrow winding lanes sell carpets, jewellery, traditional clothing, antiques and souvenirs that you can buy. The Al Faisaliah Center is another iconic place that you should visit. The stunning architecture consists of a tower with a glass ball that features a restaurant that gives a 360 degree view of the city.


Abha in Saudi Arabia
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Abha is the highest city of Saudi Arabia located in the Aseer Mountain Range near the Red Sea. This place experiences pleasant climate due to the elevation, even during the scorching summers of Arabia. Abha is highlighted by beautiful landscapes and picturesque mountains which are worth seeing for those who love the hilly terrain. Although the vegetation is sparse, there are still some local indigenous plants growing all around this place which add greenery to the place.  The Aseer National Park should be visited to witness the teeming wildlife and breath-taking panoramic views of the valley. The Jebel Al Akhdar is a mountain that can be accessed by people to enjoy the stunning views it has to offer while enjoying some snacks from the local cafeteria.


Dammam Saudi Arabia
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Dammam is one the top places to visit in Saudi Arabia which is known for its picture perfect beaches, ports and scenic islands. Initially a small city consisting of hamlets, Dammam has grown in the past few years to become a major city for trade and commerce, thanks to the oil, fishing and pearl industry. The Half Moon Bay is a popular tourist attraction where the tourists and locals can enjoy the tranquil beach, the adjoining amusement park and engage in diving to see the artificial reef in the turquoise blue waters. One should also visit the Al Marjan Island to enjoy a leisure day with picnics and barbeque dinners along with a splendid sunset. You can also witness the beautiful colours of the setting sun along the Dammam Corniche that stretches from the Aziziah Beach to Tarot Island. Add the Heritage Village in the list of places to see in Dammam and make sure to revel in the vintage vibe of the city and enjoy the superb dining experience that it has to offer.


Important Places in Saudi Arabia
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Medina is one of the most important places in Saudi Arabia which holds religious and cultural importance. It is the pilgrimage site for Muslims from all across the world since it was established by Prophet Mohammed who spent most of his life here. The Al Masjid An- Nabawi Mosque is a famous mosque built by the Prophet which is known for its beautiful minarets and canopies, and one should definitely visit this mosque to see what a beauty it is. The Al Madina Souq is a UNESCO world heritage site and one of the oldest market places of Saudi Arabia from where you can purchase some local items such as silk, perfumes, wooden décor and soap. Apart from this, Medina has several restaurants and shopping malls where you can indulge in some good food and have a great shopping experience.